Wednesday, May 03, 2006

it's not about the pictures

I'm glad so many of you are digging this line of thought about scrapbooking to preserve memories first, then pictures. I've been on this wave-length for a while since reading both of Stacy Julian's and Cathy Z's books.

Here's that layout in the back of Cathy's new book that I want to copy. The journaling is just what I need to hear EVERY DAY! I'm going to make my own version to remind myself of all this and post it in my scrap area. Let me explain one part: in her class in Alabama, Cathy gave us a list of coulds vs. shoulds. Like this...things we feel we SHOULD scrap - birthdays, holidays, events, vacations --- things we COULD scrap - personalities, things our kids say, every day details, funny moments, things I love about my Mom, etc. I loved that! I have been scrapping some of the COULDS but too many of the SHOULDS. I don't want to feel pressured anymore to scrap anything. I'm going to scrap what I want, how I want to. Simple, easy and fun. See, that's why I need this layout on my desk to remind me....

The journaling says....'s not about the photos. Live your life first. Scrapbook it second...or third...or fourth. Don't be so focused on the super huge things that you overlook all the amazing little things. Photos are nice. Stories are better. Don't try to reinvent the wheel every time. Just rotate the tires and enjoy the ride. Create for yourself...the rest will follow. Keep pages on your table. Admire them often. Use the stuff you love. Make no apologies for being you. Focus on the coulds, not the shoulds. Remember the value of what you're doing. Play with paper, play with glue. Be blissfully behind. Enjoy the process. You area a scrapbooker. It's all good.


Jill LaFaye said...

I want this book!!! Scrap It! is currently out of stock. The way you describe it...sounds like a must have.

Anonymous said...

love the jounaling on this... so true... miss my friends...T2

Anastasia said...

Thanks. These words are a true inspiration. I had to post them on my blog. I had credited you for it. :)

And though I am a total scrapbook moron, I have bookmarked ur site. Once I am done with making vintage jewellery & belts & painting, I might take up scrapbooking. :)

Thank you. :)