Tuesday, May 09, 2006

the list

Do you really want to see my list of topics? Really? Okay...here goes...I'm taking the strips out to type this list so I hope you appreciate it! Unless specified, these are layouts...

- scrap a story from my childhood - find a pic to go with it (I'm going to add more of these strips)
- my Mama and Daddy
- our weekly schedule
- our favorite places to go - things to do together
- our church and pastors
- Alexa and Caroline (one of her friends)
- my perfectionist tendencies
- Courtney and Caroline (her best friend)
- Drama Queen (and I have no idea where she gets that from) just an idea for a layout
- the $1 or less rule
- start Caroline's school days album
- your favorite foods at age 5
- you grow on me (pics of Caroline, ages 1-5, showing her growth)
- I Love Target
- Pumpkinhead (one of CC's favorite stuffed animals)
- germs!!! (my clean obsession)
- top five reasons we love you
- CC's Christmas gifts 2005 (I have a long handwritten list, I want to get it recorded)
- our home layout or mini-album
- grandparents page: MiMaw
- grandparents page: Papa
- grandparents page: my Dad who is deceased
- grandparents page: Grandma
- uncles page: Bill
- uncles page: Roger
- aunts page: Debbie
- aunts page: Jen-Jen
- compilation "cousins" page (Caroline's cousins)
- sisters mini-album (my sister and me)
- the Tiffany and Tracie list of freaky coincidences
- the cost of living - include receipts
- my collections mini-album
- girlfriends mini-albums
- how Mike and I met and fell in love
- toys mini-album, take pics of CC and her toys, candid shots
- voracious reader - take pic of CC reading
- Creation Audio Labs - what Mike does at work, where he works, his partners
- our journey to homeschooling
- these are the days I will remember (Daddy's death, Princess Di & JFK Jr.'s death, Caroline's birth, 9/11/01, our wedding day, etc.)
- jobs I've had and what I've learned from them
- my favorite things about being a Mom mini-album (making Easter baskets, snuggling, etc.)
- Halloween is.... (a compilation page)
- I am a Work In Progress....my house, my relationships, my art, my parenting, my LIFE (just an idea I've had for a while for a layout I want to do)
- just an ordinary day (capture the details about my THOUGHTS through the day as I do my chores & take care of Caroline - this is something I'd like to know about my Mom when she was my age)
- Caroline's First 12 Months mini-album (a simple mini-album with pics from ea. mth of her 1st year)
- start my own School Days album
- start Field Trips album (8.5x11)
- Spirit of America mini-album (all the things I love about America)
- our hometown including our favorite places to go
- start my pregnancy album (I want to get as many pages done as possible but I don't think it's reasonable to think I'll do this whole album at once, I have others the same way)
- start my circle journal, pass it on
- what I want for you (seek Him first, be happy, live & work your passion)
- words to my daughter mini-album (I watched an Oprah about this mother who died of cancer - before she died, she made dozens of video tapes telling her daughter all the things she wanted her to know...about boys, growing up, being a Mother, makeup, everything! That day I sat down and wrote almost two pages of instructions to Caroline about things I want her to know. I'm going to make a mini-album with one piece of advice on each page.)
- team Scrap It! (about how we all play different roles, me, Annie, Bill and Tammy)
- Caroline's room - how it looks now
- simple pleasures mini-album
- what my life was like right before I got pregnant/had Caroline
- Scrap It! - why I love it, what I do there
- happy, hectic Halloween 2005 - (I thought I would put some things like this in the jar so I could get a break from the "heavy stuff")
- you're my QT Pie (just a cute title I've been wanting to use)

I'm going to add some more tonight, like...
- Care Bear and Blankie (her babies)
- grandparents page: Mike's Dad (deceased)
- music I love
- movies I love

CC = Caroline of course

I compiled this list from several other lists I had been carrying around and I had on my computer. It was fun to write all these on the strips. I've wanted to do several mini-albums so I included those as well. All of these topics are important to ME. They really matter to ME. I really hope I can get all of these scrapped this year. The only time I won't be using the jar to pick a scrapping topic will be for my design team layouts each month. So you might see me posting a frivolous layout here and there. :)

Thanks for your input - I really like hearing your feedback!!


Jill LaFaye said...

Ijust got finished entering all this great information in my journal..thanks so much!

Hollye said...

you plan on doin that all this year? You are awesome. I'll be lucky to get 5 more layouts done this year!

Jann Gray said...

Love this list...am copying it..>and adding my own.

jennifer said...

Thank you for sharing this! What a great idea and a great goal! I know you can do it! I can't wait to see your results!

Christy B said...

Great idea ...... maybe I'll get inspired!!! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Awesome idea Tracie! Your list has got me thinking about some things I need to scrap. Enjoying your blog by the way!

Anonymous said...

Great list. I'll have to refer back to it for ideas. I'm getting ready to start a mini album about little things that make me happy. Even though I have Christian joy I don't always feel happy, but there are little things that make me happy...such as I printed an email from my grown daughter yesterday. It just made me happy, because she started out...Momma! and I could just hear her saying it. It just made me smile. I may even call my scrapbook, "This makes me smile." Anyway, thanks for all the ideas!

doris said...

wowzers tracie! that is one major list! and such a cool system! happy scrapping! :D

Renee said...

how about printing up this post (yours) and doing a page called "Things I Do INSTEAD of Scrapping"!!!!!!!!!
hahaha...am I funny? I think I'm funny. Some people don't get my humor in writing. You can't see my big smiling happy face when I'm here typing! love ya! Stay Cool!
OBTW...I NEVER wore neon.

Anonymous said...

you rock! what a fabulous idea.
stay cool wouldya?

Crafty P said...

great list. maybe you could link to this one list over there on your side bar. i don't know how to do that yet, but i'm learning all kinds of fun things in html.
i digress. i read your list and when I came to pumpkinhead, I laughed out loud b/c for some reason, i refer to gabriel as pumpkinhead sometimes. pumpkin is also my favorite word.

i need a list.

better yet, i need to make time to scrap!

i did make a lo on national scrapbooking day.

can't wait to see your finished lo's from the list, tracie!!