Monday, May 22, 2006

my camera came!

I'm so happy! Doing the happy dance big-time over here! I haven't taken a pic yet. I didn't expect it this soon so I hadn't bought my CF card. I'm going to buy one tomorrow after I get paid. I guess I'll just hit Walmart and Target and maybe Best Buy and see who has the best deal. I want it NOW. heehee

Just had to share my joy. Fabulous pictures coming soon to a blog near you. We're going to go out Thursday and have a little photo shoot by the lake. Yippee!!

Have a happy week!


Jill LaFaye said...

Yippee. I will do a little happy dance for you too! That was really some fast shipping!!!!!!!!!!

Tammy Batson said...

Tracy ... Sam's has CF cards for some really good prices ... Congrats! Let me know if you have questions ... I have the Rebel as my back up camera ... I shoot with a 20D ... chat soon ... t

Anonymous said...

Yay! That's awesome, Tracie!! Congratulations!! You are going to LOVE that camera! :)

ebh said...

I can't wait to see the pics! Have a blast with the new camera. I know how great that feeling is. Congratulations!!

I e-mailed you about ALIAS. I'm so sad.

jennifer said...

Wow! That was fast! Can't wait to see what you shoot! Have fun!

Hollye said...

Okay...when are we gonna see some photos?

Anonymous said...

Hooray for you!

Enjoy your new camera.