Friday, May 12, 2006

visiting the zoo

We went to the Zoo today. The weather was perfect. It was warm but not hot at all. A strong breeze was blowing the whole time. It was one of the prettiest days we've had in a long time. We didn't get to the zoo until about 2 pm but we finished before they closed. Since the weather was so nice, we really enjoyed ourselves but to be honest, Nashville Zoo is a huge disappointment. Like, hey dude I want my $18 bucks back. The way it's built is more like a natural habitat than a zoo. The animals are so far away and there are too many places for them to hide. Caroline didn't want to stand and wait for them to come near us so we just moved on with barely a glimpse of some animals. I definitely felt like I didn't get my money's worth.

I haven't been to another zoo (except when ours was in a different location), but is this normal? I guess I want the animals in cages which sounds bad for the animals. I just want to see them up close, KWIM? There were a few smaller animals you could see close like birds, lemurs and reptiles in the amphibian center. The larger ones like tigers, cheetahs, elephants and giraffes were so far away we needed binoculars! Too bad we didn't know that in advance - we would have taken some! At least the playground rocked. Caroline could have stayed there for hours except she was tired from walking. We had a little gift shop fiasco at the end but I'm trying to forget that. We DID enjoy the day and spending time together.

I had to really crop the pictures I got to make them even halfway decent. I'm glad we went today but that will most definitely be our last trip to the Nashville Zoo. I'm thinkin' Knoxville, Memphis or Louisville next. Has anyone been to any of those? I'd love to hear about them.


Chelle said...

I haven't been to any of those other zoos, but if you are ever in that's the zoo to go to. It's beautiful.

Jill LaFaye said...

Louisville, Kentucy...has a very nice zoo and it's not too far away!

Hope you have a happy, happy Mother's Day!

Maybe I will see you today at the sale at Scrap It!

Sherri said...

I totally understand, but when I go, I try to make it a fun experience....take a picnic lunch and take advantage of the playground! It works out a bit cheaper if you get the family pass because then you can use it to get into the Knoxville and Louisville Zoo...and any other participating zoo....
As for the disappointment, I understand that too. When I first moved here and went to the zoo, I was coming from Northern Va where my zoo was the National Zoo in DC...which is much much bigger and DUDE it is FREE!!!
I have been to the St. Louis Zoo and the Knoxville Zoo. Both are great.

Anonymous said...

So funny you posted this cause we went to the Atlanta Zoo today and it is the SAME way----uggggh! Liked it in the old days when they were all in cages-lol! So, don't come down and make a trip to the Atl. zoo!!

jennifer said...

I'm sorry it was disappointing but I agree with you, that is how our zoo is!

I vote for the Memphis zoo as the one you should try next. I haven't been to the Knoxville zoo. Louisville's was good too but seemed more spread out than Memphis, which equals more walking!

Hope your next field trip is better!

Christy B said...

We took DD to the Knoxville Zoo several years ago around Mothers Day. I was a little disappointed too, but we heard someone say the best time to go is to find out the feeding schedule and go around that time if possible. The animals are on a schedule too, so they start lurking around the areas they get feed. I've not been to the Nashville Zoo since they moved from Joelton. We were there twice, since we lived not too far from it. I always enjoyed it there because it was so beautiful, but again, we didn't see the animals too much.


ebh said...

Your pictures are awesome! Sorry that it wasn't good for viewing the animals though. That would have been upsetting to me also. If you ever come to Jersey, we will take you to the Cape May Zoo. It's far from us, but it is AWESOME. I was never that close to a lion was great. Seeing animals fairly close and them not being in "cages" - it's great. It's free too.

Anonymous said...

I just came across your blog through another link. I don't know how far you are from St. Louis. I know Memphis is right at 300 miles from us. The St. Louis Zoo is world renown, and it is FREE. Parking is $10.00 I think, but if you want to walk a little, maybe less than a quarter mile you can usually find a free spot. There is a children's zoo that does have a small entrance fee but there is so much to see.
Mary from MO