Monday, May 29, 2006

what a great day!

I have eaten today 'til I feel like I'm going to explode. Ugh. I think I'll eat lightly tomorrow. Caroline woke up this morning eager to get out her inflatable pool so of course Daddy did as she asked and they stayed outside for a long while, cooling off. I didn't get that many great shots because of the high sun overhead but I got a few cute ones. Here's one....(you can see Mike's feet in the background but I decided that was okay because then she would remember Daddy getting in her little pool with her.)

My family came over at around 3 pm and we had grilled hamburgers, potato salad, baked beans, chips and for dessert, strawberry cake. Yum! My sister made it with yellow cake and a cream cheese/cool whip icing. It was divine. Of course we all had second helpings of everything a few hours later so that's why I'm so stuffed!

After dinner, we played my Andy Griffith Trivia Game and I won! Caroline almost beat me but I got a lucky card. She knows Andy very well since we watch it almost every day. She had a few lucky guesses too. My sister doesn't watch as much so she was guessing a lot. I'm thankful she played it with me! I've been wanting to for a long time. (Thanks Jenn!) After playing the game, of course we had to watch an episode of Andy from my new DVD set. I will never get tired of it. I need Season 2 now!

I took some pictures of Caroline yesterday in her Easter dress. I wasn't that thrilled with any of them. Then she started twirling. She loves to twirl in that dress. I put my camera on continous mode and started shooting. I got the greatest series of her twirling! I was SO happy! It's a little dark here but I like the light on the actual shot. I'll probably leave it that way. This is real life at its best.

So what did YOU do today? Hope you had a good one!


Hollye said...

I love the twirling picture! I so wish I could get those kind of shots!

Jennifer Stewart said...

I love that twirling picture!! She is precious. :) And your pool photo is wonderful! Sounds like a fabulous time :)


jennifer said...

The twirling pic is one of my favorites ever! I love these kinds of action shots. I don't know if you remember, but when I was at your house right after I got my camera, I took some pics of Kirsten in your windows. One of my favorites was dark like this but I lightened it and it turned out great.

Sounds like you had a great day. We did a whole lot of nothing! But that was nice!

Amanda said...

The pool looks nice a cool! It is so hot outside today. And the strawberry cake looks yummy!
We had a great Memorial Day. First we went to the Minnonites (spelling???) to get vegetables-then came home to rest.
We had a yummy supper too.

Jann Gray said...

Great shots my friend...You always took great pictures...but with this camera you are becoming a pro!

I am so far behind on blogging and catching up on everyone...first being out of town for a week and then all the weekend festivities...I feel so out of touch. Glad you had great info about you on here so I can kind of catch up. Love you girlfriend...can't wait to see the lo's you do with these pics....they are fabulous!

doris said...

love the comment about daddy's feet. :D

great pics . . . caroline looks way too cute in those pony tails. :D

Jill LaFaye said...

Caroline is a doll baby. You can tell she doesn't mind the camera. She looks just like her mama.

annie said...

Love the pictures.
The pool and the twirl.

Chelle said...

Oh I love that twirl and that picture just captures such a special moment. Her laughter is just precious.

As I was looking at your pictures and saw the cake...I said, OH MY that looks divine. And that is exactly how you discribed it. That has happened several times while reading your post. We must be on the same adjective wave link.

Anonymous said...

super cute photo of her twirling! you could easily fix those photos in photoshop/PSE. do you have it? I could show you a few tricks that have helped me with dark photos in the past. let me know. :)