Thursday, May 18, 2006

whew! glad that's over!

I cleaned out my closet today. NOT a fun job. I finally decided to get rid of some clothes I've been hanging on to for YEARS. You know, the "suit" type clothes that I wore to work but are now out of style. They were very expensive but I just don't wear clothes like that anymore. I also had a lot of older clothes that are just plain ugly, out of style and worn out. Got rid of those too. I have two or three garage size trash bags full to give to Goodwill tomorrow. I also organized my shoes and purses and purged those too. I think I have 24 purses now and they're all ones I love and carry often.

I made a big pile of clothes that I still like but they just don't fit right now. They "almost" fit but don't. They've been staring at me in my closet for months, mocking me. Now, all my clothes in my closet fit me and I won't have to think so hard about what I'm going to wear. I'll put those slightly smaller ones in a drawer because I am trying to lose enough to wear them (and more!).

Tomorrow I'm going to a curriculum fair to buy Caroline's 1st grade school books. Then I want to get all my linens laundered and ironed. The bedspreads, pillow shams, dust ruffles, sheets, etc. They're all dusty. Then I'll have to clean the house again, clean bathrooms, etc. and then MAYBE I can scrap! I'm thinking Monday? We'll see. I've got to get my life back on track so I can make time for the things I love instead of always playing catch up.

That's the story of my life today!


Hollye said...

You make me tired just reading that. We are having a community yard sale tomorrow and I haven't even started getting my stuff together. My closet is in dire need of a good purging! Maybe I should hire you!

Jann Gray said...

Way to go girl! Love the "cleaned out closet feeling." I will probably just enjoy yours vicariously for a few days because I have a couple of projects that I HAVE to get done prior to going out of town on Monday to Chicago...but I see the gauntlet you have thrown down...and upon my return from the Windy City...I am picking it up and cleaning out ONE of my closets! (don't want to stretch my gauntlet picking up arm too much!!) *smile* Love ya girl...hope you get some great curriculum.

ebh said...

I know the feeling of a clean closet - I did that recently too. We seem to be on the same wave-length...I am washing bedding and curtains and such today! I am going to scrap in-between, I think. You have to make time for it - you will work better that way. :)

Chelle said...

Where is the curriculum fair?