Thursday, June 22, 2006

be still my heart

I stayed up 'til 3:30 am this morning watching The Count Of Monte Cristo with Jim Caviezel. I remember seeing it for the first time in the theater in 2002. I melted as soon as he walked on the screen. From then on, I was enthralled with Jim Caviezel and I've wanted to see all his movies. After he played Jesus in The Passion, I tried not to think of him in a yummy way. ha! But he is yummy!

Then last night while I watched The Count again, and I realized, I am in love with that character! It's not Jim Caviezel the person - it's The Count! He just melts me! I love it when he walks into the room with that long robe on. His hair is incredible - his eyes divinely blue. When he was clean-shaven at the end and looking more like the real Jim, I wanted The Count back. I kept replaying the scenes with him dressed as The Count over and over. And over. And over. I kept saying aloud, "he's so pretty."

Have you seen this movie? It's 99.9% squeaky clean. I think anyone would love it. It's a wonderful story of good vs. evil.

Anyway...just thought I'd share my renewed love for The Count and give you a little eye candy for the day. heehee

The way Jim normally looks is not too bad either, huh? This pic's from The Thin Red Line. I guess I love Jim for Jim too. But The Count has my heart. heehee

Hmmm...hope my husband doesn't check my blog today!

PS - Hollye asked what other movies he's been in. Here's a short list...
- The Thin Red Line
- Pay It Forward (homeless guy)
- Angel Eyes with JLo
- Frequency with Dennis Quaid (fabulous movie)
- High Crimes with Ashley Judd
- The Count Of Monte Cristo
- The Passion
- Madison
- Bobby Jones: The Golf Legend
- Highwaymen (bad, bad, don't see it)

There are more but those are the ones he was featured prominently in.


Hollye said...

You are cracking me up girl! I didn't realize he had been in that many movies. I just knew about The Passion and Angel Eyes. What else has he been in?

annie said...

Yes he is beautiful!
Maybe you could buy Mike a long count like robe to wear around the house!

ebh said...

LOL! He is pretty. Those eyes are amazing. The Count was a great movie and he was really good in it. The only thing I had seen him in before that was Frequency (which I LOVE) and part of Angel Eyes. He impressed me it Count. I haven't seen Passion yet though.

Sarah said...

He does have great hair in the Count. I'm all about the hair.

Crafty P said...

I watched the ending of the Count just the other night after dh went to bed. Gosh that was a fabulous movie. So many good lessons in there. I really want to read the book sometime.

I also loved Frequency- really interesting- and of course, was moved in so many ways by The Passion, which was how I first came to know about Jim. I was so impressed with the interviews I saw leading up to the release of the Passion. He is an amazing man of faith.

Haven't seen Bobby Jones and I will not be seeing the Thin Red Line, not a big war movie gal.

I really need to get through Mad Hot Ballroom this weekend. I've had it from netflix for WAAAY too long. Have you seen it? Check it out, Tracie.

Anonymous said...

I think I need to check out some of these movies. I loved Count of Monte Cristo (the book is good too), so I need to watch some others. I especially want to see Frequency. I know I'm like behind 10 years on movies, but still.... I just thought I'd reply to your blog since I a) updated my blog (so there!) and b) wanted to see what was up with you. Looking forward to our day trip on Monday!