Wednesday, June 07, 2006

crazy, crazy dreams

I had the funkiest dreams last night. I slept like a ROCK. Very rare for me. I didn't sleep for three whole nights before that so my body finally gave in. I've lost my voice due to sinus problems.

First I dreamed that my dear friend Jann lived in a big long trailer that was orange and in the shape of a V. It was really two skinny trailers put together but you could walk from one to the other inside. It was filthy on the inside and she kept mentioning that she had RATS! I had to stay with her for some reason and I made her clean it up. ha!!! In my dream, I kept thinking, "oh Lord, I've eaten this woman's cooking" - which is hilarious because I never have and of course she's not really nasty. ha!

Then I dreamed that I worked at an office I used to work at, only Bill Kelly was the boss. (He owns the scrapbook store where I work now.) In my dream, he got mad at me for being not nice enough to someone. They made a comment about their shoelaces and instead of me gushing over them, I merely said, "uh-huh." Well he yelled at me in front of this huge group of employees (people I used to work with & some current friends too) and fired me. I said, "you can't fire me - I quit!!!!" and stormed out. Then I went back and told him off in front of everyone and went on and on about how I worked harder than anyone there and I had made that company and it went on and on. I don't know where that came from, I saw Bill yesterday and said, "love ya!" before he left and I meant it! LOL

Then I dreamed that I wondered around a flea market area and I had my purse with me. I put it down on the ground to look at it and someone stole my wallet! It had the money in it that I had made last night teaching (in real life) and I went all to pieces because now I didn't have a job or money! I called my family to come pick me up and told them about my purse. I was so torn up. I kept thinking how did I let this happen? How am I going to get the money back? Finally I started to wake up and I was so relieved that it was all a dream!!!!!

Isn't that hilarious? Wonder if it has anything to do with reading a Nancy Drew book until 2 am?


Jill LaFaye said...

Must of been the book..dreams are very strange aren't they? Could of been the mixture of Nancy and sinus meds. Glad you are awake and found everything at peace. I am sure Jan will get a chuckle out her V shaped trailer. Get some rest and don't mix Nancy Drew with late nights. Hee Hee

Sherri said...

funny first my feelings were hurt that I wasn't in your dream...but then I decided nothing good happened in it, so that is why I wasn't there. HA HA HA

jennifer said...

Hmmm, what did you eat while reading Nancy Drew? I have weird dreams sometimes if I eat a lot before bed. I also dream a lot on certain meds. There are dream analysis websites out there! But is was probably just the meds!

Amanda said...

i am just glad i wasn't in your dream...might have had something growing out of my head!