Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Doris rocks.

"What would I do without Doris?"

Those were the words I muttered as I opened the door to get out of my car tonight. I had just finished the drive home from work, while talking to Doris on my phone. She gave me some great advice about my camera. She gave me a couple of great tips and helped me figure some things out.

I realized after I hung up with her that I am so glad she is my friend. Every time I've ever called her on the phone, she is ready to talk to me and be a friend. She always comes in the store with a sweet smile and a cute baby.

Today at the store, we had some great conversations about scrapbooking. Doris "gets it" and I love that. She "gets" scrapping and how I feel about it. Even when you work in a scrapbook store, sometimes it's hard to find people you can relate to on that level.

Okay so what else do I love about Doris? Well she's only the most creative and talented scrapbooker I have ever known. Every page she does just absolutely blows me away. She brought her July sample in to the store and I am in love with it. She's kinda like my hero. My scrapping hero. She's so deep too. Her journaling inspires me to dig deeper.

Just look at this layout she did recently. It's my new favorite of hers. The girl has talent.

I guess I just want to thank her for being my friend, inspiring me and for just being Doris. She inspires me to be myself and not try to be anyone else. That's another thing I love about her.

Doris Sander - you rock. I'm announcing it to the world!


Jann Gray said...

I have to agree....Doris Rocks! She rocks more than Donna Downey...I think she rocks pretty big!

Anonymous said...

I think Doris ROCKS too!! Oh, and I'm moving back to Nashville in a couple weeks, Tracie!! I'd love to meet you again and to meet Doris for the first time!! ;)

Christy B said...

Yep, I love Doris' layouts too! I can usually spot them right away!

By the way, I saw your comments on my blog .... Scrappuccino's is a little closer for me - but not by much. I think I'm going to try an all day crop with you guys one Saturday soon.


ebh said...

I love the layout! Such great use of color!

I also know what you mean about finding someone who "gets it". It is rare, but so wonderful when it happens.

Renee said...

This has been a paid advertisement for the Doris Sander for HOF committee!

Renee said...

For those who don't know me,-that was a joke. Traci, what a beautiful way to honor your friend. She rocks, but so do you. I'm just a lowly scraplifter among a sea of Scrap It goddesses!

doris said...

wow. speechless. thanks. i am honored. bc you rock too. :D