Thursday, June 29, 2006

little me

I found this list in the office upstairs.

It's Caroline's to-do list from this past Sunday.

It goes: church, lunch, pool, birthday, The Wizard of Oz, sleep.

Well at least she had a plan even if she can't spell! We did church, lunch and attended a birthday party but the pool and the movie were just wishful thinking. (Or maybe promised but not fulfilled by a tired Daddy.)

So who does this remind you of?

Her Mother is a list-maker from way back.

She's doomed. I'm thinking she's Type-A already.

It is cute though, right?


Christy B said...

I'm not a list person. Only for the grocery when I HAVE to get something and only when we go on vacation (so I don't forget to pack undies!). Other than that, I don't do list because if they don't get done, I feel like I've failed....... don't need anymore of that in my life!

Debby said...

I'm a friend of Sarah Devendorf and have been enjoying your blog for a long time - this is the first time I decided to comment - love your stuff!

That is precious! I too learned at an early age to make lists from my mother and I'm a list-person to this day! When I was growing up, we learned quickly that if it wasn't on Mom's list (or calendar) then there was not even a chance it would get done - if it was on the list it at least had a fair shot with everything else!

Mrs Pretzel said...

I am totally a list person, and you are right. This is VERY cute.

Christy B....
Sometimes, when I feel like I haven't gotten the things I wanted to done, I make a list of the things I DID do!
1. Made the bed
2. Called the plumber
3. paid the bills
4. got milk
5. changed the baby's diaper for the THIRD time in 20 min.

you get the picture. sometimes it helps just to see everything I did manages to get done. I use this one a lot when I know my hubby is going to come home and THINK (because he would NEVER say it) what has she been DOING all day!?!?


jennifer said...

How cute is that!? Like mother, like daughter. My list making hasn't rubbed off on any of my girls yet! I need to add that to my list of things to teach them! LOL!

Hollye said...

I love it! I am a list maker, but I am bad about actually doing anything on it. I actually just made a HUGE list of things I need to do before we leave for Texas and I will be lucky to get 5 things on there done!