Friday, June 30, 2006

party report!

We had a great time at Caroline's party tonight! It was on the lake at a park in Hendersonville. I love this shelter because it is right on the water and there's usually a cool breeze. It was a little muggy tonight, but we still enjoyed it. No bug bites either!

I covered the picnic tables with pink plastic tablecloths and we had pink balloons and Strawberry Shortcake themed party favors/cake, etc. Blogger is not cooperating with me on uploading pics tonight so here's a collage of my favorite pics from the party. Sorry they're small.

From left to right, clockwise...

1 & 2 - My two favorite pics of Caroline before the party. She usually cooperates well and lets me take lots of pictures but she was too excited tonight! She ran off after just a few. I used my new 50mm lens for the first time today and I can see a marked improvement in my pictures. The light is much better as well as the sharpness of the image. (You can't really tell here.) I just looked at some pics I took with my starter lens and the difference is vast! I'm so happy with my new one!

3 - Caroline's best friends, Courtney and Kirsten attended the party as well as her cousin Logan. Here's a cute pic of Caroline, Courtney and Kirsten. Aren't they presh?

4 - Caroline enjoying a party toy. I wish you could see this bigger. The pic turned out great.

5 - I misfocused on this shot of her cake and got the cake in focus and her out of focus. I actually like it though. I have another one that's clear of her. I've done this before on purpose but I didn't this time. LOL Oh well!

6 - I'm doing a 6x6 Family album for Caroline. Today I took a picture of everyone individually for the album. I love how they turned out! Here's a great one I got of Caroline and her Uncle Rog (Mike's brother). He adores her and she adores him!

7 - Caroline had so much fun reading her cards and opening her gifts. I love the look on her face when she reads and the inflection in her voice. She's really reading fast now.

We had a great time! I've already downloaded all my pics from the party and burned the ones to be printed as well as all my other June pics. I'm trying to do that at the end of each month to make it more manageable.

I had a little accident at the party tonight. I was taking pictures of the pinata and my new lens makes the subject very close-up. So I was stepping backward and couldn't get it all in. I kept going back, back, back and didn't realize there was a beam behind me! I fell backwards over a beam and landed on my back in the gravel! It hurt! I felt myself losing my balance and tried to grab hold of my brother-in-law. He saw me and grabbed me so I think he broke my fall a bit. (Thanks Rog.) My first concern was my camera. I kept saying, "did it hit the ground?" I was shaking so hard. I'm a little sore. My neck hurts but I'll live. I think I'm going to be paranoid about stepping backwards for a while though. Luckily, my camera and my body seem to be okay.

My sister-in-law's Father just passed away so we'll be at the funeral home tomorrow. Please say a prayer for her if you think of it. Thank you.

Hope you have a great weekend! Hugs!


Michelle Woods said...

I am so glad the party went well. I would have worried about my rebel first too. Glad you are OK.
My boys are ready to go back to the bouncey place. They really had a good time Thursday.

Mrs Pretzel said...

Cute party pics! I can't wait to see a layout with them!

prayers for your SIL right now.