Saturday, June 24, 2006

today's been sketchy

I have this 3" binder of pages I've clipped from my scrap magazines. Each month, I go through my scrap magazines and cut out the pages I think I might get ideas from or just plain copy. Then I file them chronologically in the binder by magazine name.

It seems like lately, I am only getting one or two pages out of each magazine! Tonight I looked thru a recent Scrapbooks, etc. and found NONE. Not one page I wanted to keep forever. Wow.

Recently, I was looking through the binder full of pages and realized that unless I had all of those pages as a sketch in my handy-dandy sketch book - I most likely would never use the ideas. So, this week, I've been going through this massive binder and sketching it. I had the majority done because I used to sketch first and then cut the page out. Now I am proud to say that after a day full of laundry, Andy Griffith on DVD and sketching, I'm DONE. I can use the pages as a reference if I need to see the actual layout.

I'll probably get to a point where I make the sketches and then just toss the mag. I rarely look back at the original anyway because I want to make it my own. I love scrapbooking from a sketch. It makes life so much easier. I have fun sketching too. I get out my colored pencils and I draw and doodle and have fun like when I was a kid.

I figure it's all part of my process so if it makes me happy, it's all good.

So do you ever make sketches of layouts in magazines or even just a sketch of an idea you have? Sometimes I feel like I'm the only person who does! Well except for Caroline, she had to make some of her own today too. heehee It was pretty cute.


Tammy Batson said...

Well ... actually - it's part of a creative mind ... and helps contribute to that type of mind! While in school for photography, one of our on-going assignments one semester was to keep a sketch journal and sketch whatever we would see that would "speak to us" or make us stop and think, etc. I remember one day driving down the interstate and seeing the way the light (sun) hit the road - at the that moment the sun was between clouds so the way it cast it's rays on the road was incredible ... I remember this standing out to me and I sketched it. Keep up the good work!

Sarah said...

You are not alone! (Geesh. I really don't mean to stalk you today.)


Mrs Pretzel said...

I never sketch, but you are about the thrid person in about 3 days who has said how cool they think it is.... I might have to join the "dark" side....LOL


Hollye said...

I wanna be you when I grow up!

Jill LaFaye said... think of everything. This is a great idea.

Jill LaFaye said...

Hey there! Question??? On the Scrap It! touched on cards. Do you make your own envelopes? How to you go about folding if you do..I was considering making Mattie's birth announcements..there is a rubber stamp with date,weight,length, etc. etc. No hurry...THANKS BUNCHES!

ebh said...

I do sketch. It is so helpful. I tend to make myself do it when I am feeling blocked. It is a good practice to unblock. LOL. Sometimes I don't sketch a whole layout, but just an element. From the mags or from something I see when I am out and about. Makes my dh laugh sometimes. :)