Wednesday, July 05, 2006

fresh school supplies and a picture

Hidey-ho neighbor! I just got back from Walmart for the grocery run. I was surprised when I went around the corner and saw a huge aisle of school supplies freshly shelved.

So I'm standing there and I get a whif of this aroma. The aroma of new school supplies. I sucked in a big breath and smiled. The people in the aisle next to me gave me a strange look. What is this lady smiling about, they must have thought. I thought, boy I wish I had my camera, I'd love to take a picture of all these crayons, markers, ruler, glues, protractors and packages of paper.

The cool thing is, scrapbooking made me think that way. If I didn't scrapbook, I'd probably just walk by and go.....oh. school supplies. But now, I really see life. In small details. I constantly think -- oh that would make a cool page! It just causes me to think differently about practically everything. My life. My child's life. My memories. The future. What I want to do with my life. I know that sounds a bit incredible but it's really all because of scrapbooking. It makes me think things through on a regular basis and appreciate the small joys of life.

Also...I just love school supplies. Always have. Always will. Love the smell too. :)

This picture is one I wanted to share yesterday but Blogger wouldn't cooperate. It's of my Mom and Caroline. I have very few pics of them together and I love how this turned out. I see a MiMaw page in the near future.



Anonymous said...

oooh we share a common love for school supplies! :) love all the pretty packaging and colors.

ebh said...

I love school supplies too!!! I want to but a bit of everything. LOL.

Scrapping has also changed how I look at life. How I cherish the memories of now, kwim? Scrapping has made me realize that every moment is worthy of remembering. Documenting. It's a good thing!

Anonymous said...

Oh supplies....I am totally into school supplies...remember the thrill of going to Richway and getting my fresh, new supply....made my day. I'm so excited about my little boy starting pre school next month cause we get to go down that aisle and buy stuff....hee hee....Totally get where you're coming from!!!

kellicrowe said...

what great pics from the 4th!
and yum on the school supplies!
love them!
not pencils though
mechanical are ok
i have a thing against the sharpening kind
but a fresh stack of notebook paper - woowee!

jennifer said...

I have always loved school supplies! Love the smell and the feel and the look of it all! I have always gotten more excited about shopping for school supplies than my children!

Love your 4th photos also! They are wonderful!

Chelle said...

I love school supplies too! I find myself walking by them even in Kroger when I'm going grocery shopping.