Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Let freedom ring!

I hope you had a delightful Independence Day! We did. I did laundry most of the morning and watched a little tv. I scrubbed Caroline's table with a Magic Eraser (love those!) - it was so good to see the tabletop again under all the marker and paint marks! The best thing is, I finally figured out how to lock the focus on my camera thanks to a call to my friend, Doris (thanks again D.) and some studying of my manual. I am so happy with how my pictures of Caroline from today turned out. Here's my favorite....

At around 4:15, we went to my Mom's for a delish dinner of BBQ, greens beans and potatoes (like only she can fix them), corn, fresh tomatoes, cornbread cakes, coleslaw & mac & cheese. We topped it off with the best desserts ever...apple pie with vanilla bean ice cream and brownies and fresh fruit (both!). Yum. Look how cute the brownies my sister made looked. We watched a great show on CMT, The Greatest Patriotic Songs Of All Time. Did anyone see that? I cried like a baby! I'm so emotional when it comes to soldiers and just patriotism in general.

Later tonight, we headed to a church gathering at our friend's house. They live in a historic home that is pre Civil War. It was a plantation at one time. It just happens to sit right next to the place they shoot the fireworks display from! It was so neat to see them, surrounded by our church family.

It was a great day! I hope yours was the same!


Amanda said...

Those are the cutest stinking brownies I have ever seen! And Caroline is just a sweetie pie...but I bet you didn't already know that, huh?

Anonymous said...

Hey, those brownies look better on your blog than they did in person.

signed, the humble sister.