Friday, July 28, 2006

my crazy friend, Jeanette

Okay so I'm being a total copy-cat today and blogging about the same thing as one of my friends, Kelli Darr. But we have different friends and not all my friends read her blog so it's okay, right?

In Chicago, we went to the John Hancock building and went to the top floor to look out over Chicago. They had this big picture and a beam. You are supposed to lean against this beam and make it look like you were about to fall off the building. Crazy Jeanette climbed up on the back of the beam and acted like she was falling! We laughed so hard I literally peed in my pants. (Okay maybe I shouldn't have told that part.)

Jeanette is so limber she just scurried up that beam and acted silly. Then another girl came along after her and tried to do it and couldn't! She almost got stuck because she wasn't as limber as Jeanette! We were dying laughing. she crazy friend, Jeanette...


Mrs Pretzel said...

love it. and i love to know that you like to laugh THAT hard! thanks!


ebh said...

OMGosh!!!! That photo is HILARIOUS! I love it! Yous should scrap it!!!

Poor bladder control is just a part of Mom's it's okay. You are not alone.