Saturday, July 01, 2006

ow. ow. ow.

That's me all day today. Every time I move I hurt. My neck is so sore that it even hurts on the front where my throat is. It's almost like I have a sore throat on the outside! My back and arm hurts too. I think when I fell last night, I didn't know I had hurt myself so bad. But I fell straight backward with nothing to catch my fall. Ouch.

Is this post whiney enough? heehee

Here's something totally unrelated to make you forget how irritating I am. I just found out some of the coolest things about The Wizard Of Oz!

- Buddy Epsen (you know, Jed Clampett?) was supposed to be the tin man, but he was allergic to the makeup!

- The actual Tin Man couldn't sit down all day, he had to lean to relax and drink all his meals thru a straw.

- The Scarecrow had a hard time going to the bathroom because straw fell out everywhere. It was actual straw! Can you say itchy?

- The wicked witch was burned very badly in an early scene. A trapdoor/elevator was supposed to take her off the scene before the fire from her exit started and it didn't work properly. She had 2nd degree burns on her face and 3rd degree on her hands because the green makeup had copper in it and was very flammable! She was scared of fire for the rest of the movie but returned to work after several weeks and finished it. If you look closely, you can see the trap door in the scene where she first appears as the witch.

- The Munchkins voices were made high with a recording technique that was used then. They slowed down the tape while recording the songs, then played them back at regular speed. The actors who played the munchkins were not singers and several had thick accents. So the voices were actually pre-recorded and the munchkins all lip-synched! I don't think you can tell.

- There was a long dance scene right before the monkeys scene. Dorothy and co. danced to the Jitterbug. It was cut even after weeks of rehearsal because it seemed too light-hearted for the plot and they felt it would be dated since the Jitterbug was such a popular dance at the time. The scene has now been lost forever although someone took home movies that worked on set and they have been shown on the History channel.

- The Kansas scenes were shot in black and white but then changed to sepia. Up until the '80's, the Kansas scenes were shown in b&w when the movie aired on tv. Then the anniversary edition of the DVD was made in the 90's and they corrected it back to the original!

We watched this movie recently and Caroline absolutely fell in love with it. We're going to buy it. She and I are learning all the songs so we can sing them together!

Hope you're having a great weekend!

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