Saturday, August 19, 2006

craft ideas

Just to follow up on my last post...thanks so much for the ideas so far! I actually already have a butterfly craft planned. I am interested in just any craft or field trip that your child has done at school. I remember a few Caroline did in preschool and I have books and the internet obviously, but sometimes a craft will stick out in your mind as a really great one from school. Also, I need one more field trip idea.


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Mrs Pretzel said...

One field trip that is really neat, and might be able to be tied into maybe "reporting" and all the kids could go as reporters is the TV station. Don't know if you could get a tour or not. I've been on one with a bit older group.

The local sheep farm during lambing season is another I remember from my childhood.

The Dairy here that makes ICE CREAM!!! yummy. They don't give tours anymore, but I think there are still some that do. I emailed you too.