Friday, August 18, 2006

field trips and crafts

Hello all! I am the coordinator for our homeschool group activities, ages Kindergarten through 3rd Grade. I have to plan 2 hours of activities every month at our mtg. and a field trip. I have almost everything planned but I thought I'd ask my blogger friends for ideas.

Is there a craft that your child has made at school that stands out as really cute? What types of field trips has your child gone on at school?

Right now the themes are butterflies, Fall, I'm thankful for, Christmas, Books, Valentine's, Movies, Laughter/Happiness and The News. I'm looking for ideas relating to those topics or any topics!



Mrs Pretzel said...

I just started a Yahoo Group for ideas swapping! You might like to join there! We are only two strong right now. I have LOTS of ideas, send me an email... I would love to help you! I have some good sites too. and art. Fun stuff that turns out really pretty. Keep in touch! I'd LOVE LOVE LOVE to help you!


Crafty P said...

Have you ever made the coffee filter butterflies? Racking my brain here trying to remember it all... but I believe you take a regular old style coffee filter and color some splotches of marker on it and then spray it with water. (this is sort of a science-y type craft) then you let it dry and crimp it so as you stuff it into an old-style clothespin. Suspend from somewhere high and admire your beautiful butterfly!
I'll look it up in my old science project/craft file. I need to look up some weird 'out of this world' project we did way back when that starts with a 'G' and uses fabric softener as an ingredient.
That's the first thing that comes to mind, Tracie!

Renee Camacho said...

I LOVED a turkey that the kids made with their handprints. It was a circle body and cut-outs of their hand from different colored paper. They wrote on each hand what they were thankful for.

Our favorite trips are ones to the Main library in Nashville (they have a puppet/theatre during the year for school things) as well as the Nashville Children's theater.

Also - for fall - they did 'leaf' prints one year. and Apple prints.

you could so easily do the 100 things that make me laugh/happy (like the 100 lists we do in scrapbooking) - just have the kids do their own?

And I still have hanging Zachary's body with his cut-out and colored/named body parts. They took large white teacher paper and layed down while the teacher traced around them. While they studied the body parts, they would color/cut/paste/name each one as they studied. He loved it.

Anonymous said...

I could probably come up with a gazillion things. On Sept. 11 it is the Chattanooga Aquarium Homeschool day. There will be discounts to get in there and to several other museums around there.

I always loved those caterpillars out of egg cartons. You know the butterflies come from them, so that might fit.

I'll keep thinking!

You could do a simple paperbag about me book when you do books.

Anonymous said...

Oh that was from me..Chelle..blogger won't let me sign in.