Wednesday, August 30, 2006

I think I love you

I am on a scrapbooking high right now. The reason for my buzz is none other than a little pink iron made by a goddess named Heidi.

I have owned this iron for a long time. I think I got it at Christmas-time last year, if not before. I bought it specifically for ironing ribbons. My real iron is upstairs and heaven forbid I walk the stairs and get some exercise! Not when I can use a tiny pink iron right on my desk.

So tonight I was just finishing up a 6x6 album about Caroline's birthday party in June. I wanted to add ribbons to the spiral binding but some of them were too wrinkled to use. "A-ha! I have a Heidi iron I've never used!", I said in excitement to myself.

I plugged it in and grabbed a washcloth from the pile of laundry on my counter (who wants to do laundry when you can scrap, right?).

It took a while to heat up but WOWSA! when it got hot, it worked amazingly well! I laid each little ribbon strip on my washcloth and instantly, it was wrinkle-free.

Love it!!!!!!!!

My husband walked by and I said, "Careful the iron's hot." He looked around for the iron. I pointed and said, "This is the iron. It's tiny and PINK! Isn't it cute????!!??"

He looked at me like someone who might need therapy.

Oh well. No one can bring me down. I'm in love.

With an iron.

Thank you Heidi.


Tammy Batson said...

Men just don't get it do they?! ha!

I feel your love for finding those "just perfect" little items!

Anonymous said...

Hehe! I wanted to get me one of those, but never did! ;)

Christy B said...

I don't have one. Couldn't really ever think of a reason to get one. BUT, I do have bad knees and the iron is upstairs in the laundry room, so having this cute little pink iron right by my scrap table would save me some pain......... right? FUN! I'm glad if works so well on ribbon. Thanks for the tip!

ebh said...

I'm seriously LOL!! I get those looks from my dh so often! Ah, men, they just don't get "pink and cute." :)

Mrs Pretzel said...

Awwwwwwe! It's so cute and LITTLE! How can one NOT love it? Your hubby will find a way to come to terms with his replacement. LOL


Jann Gray said...

oh yeah....we're loving the iron. And honestly, I have found that when I paint too much on my pages (yes, yes -- I know that is something you would NEVER do -- but I have been known to slop a little paint), when the paint is dry this lovely pink creation from Heidi Swapp will flatten my wiggly pages right out. It is more than an is an object of our affection!

Love you girl!

Sarah said...

:) You are so cute!

Kelli said...

i made jeanette buy one in Birmingham. I think it's still in the package. I think I mentioned something about it being cute in her scrap room. Now, I want to run over there and use it!

annie said...

Guess I should order more!

stephanie said...

Who knew that such a little thing like a CUTE pink iron could make me love ironing.....ribbons and crafty stuff, of course.

Not actual laundry and whatnot.

Tee hee hee.

doris said...

bwahahaha! i can totally see the look on mike's face. :D

Jill LaFaye said...

i have this little pink iron!! would you believe i bought it because it is PINK!!?? hee hee