Wednesday, August 16, 2006

upside down

I feel like my life is turned upside down right now. We got the carpet cleaned today and everything is piled on top of everything else. The small things are all in the living room and dining room on the hardwood and the couch in the den is piled high with little people and more.

The worst part is that Mike spilled coffee on the carpet, thus prompting the professional cleaning. I called Drycon because there was a coupon and after talking to them, I felt good about it. The coffee is still there. No change that I can see. I'm thinking about calling them, would you? They said on the phone that they could get it out. They didn't. The guy that came out was like 13 or so. He looked so young. I will have to say he did a good job on the rest of the house. I think berber is next to impossible to clean.

So tomorrow, I'd love to scrap but instead I'll be spending my day putting my house back together. Of course, now I feel the need to deep clean everything since the carpet has been cleaned so I'll probably be dusting and vacuuming a lot too. Then the bathrooms will seem dirty compared to the rest of the house so I'll have to clean them too! Ugh.

Caroline is very sick. I took her to the Dr. today. The antiobiotic they prescribed was going to be $150 even after insurance! (It's called Omnicef.) I finally got a hold of the Dr. at 9 pm and had them switch it to Zithromax. I feel like the Dr. thinks I'm needy 'cause I always seem to call at night! Ugh again.

I had about 2 hours sleep last night. Ugh for the 3rd time.

Aren't I just a joy?

We did have a great church service tonight. I invited my friend, Denise, who came and she loved it. That made me happy. Finally...someone else who appreciates my church! I told her it was loud, she said, "I like loud." My kinda girl.

Check back tomorrow when maybe I'll be having a better day!


Hollye said...

I went and got Kennedy's script one day for Omnicef and it was $77.77 after insurance. She was really sick, so I went ahead and paid it. I told him next time to give me something different. I can't afford to keep paying that for meds. We are going to Vandy tomorrow to see yet ANOTHER specialist. I think I should just have a standing appointment with some of these doctors. Doesn't help that we are both sick and our illness isn't even the reason we are going to the doc.

And yes...I would call them about the coffee stain. They should be able to get it out. And yes, berber is harder to clean. Brian keeps reminding me of that everytime I ask for it!

Anonymous said...

Yep, I love loud. See your church is the good kind of loud, kwim? :-)

Hope your little Caroline gets better soon! She is too adorable to be so sick.



Chelle said...

Definitely call them back. They said they could do it. They better do it!

Michelle Woods said...

I love getting my carpets cleaned. It makes me happy. I spilled coffee on my carpet ages ago in my bedroom and it was professsionally cleaned numerous times and NEVER came out. That carpet has finally been replaced thank goodness.
I complain about my past insurances a lot but I have never had to pay so much for Omicef. My kids hate the taste of it.
I hope she is feeling better!

Mrs Pretzel said...

I would call.
Good luck with your stain!
Give C a hug for me!
Hope she is better soon.
Tell her this is NOT a good way to get out of school.


Amanda said...

Hope she feels better soon.
I would call the carpet people. The stain should have come out!