Thursday, September 14, 2006

4:40 am

It's 4:40 am and I can't sleep. I started a Fall layout at about 1 am. Looked at it for a while. Moved things around. Tried to spell as many words as I could without repeating the letters of the alphabet (the letters I had only had one letter each!). Finally I came up with "on the farm." Then my brain hurt from thinking so hard so I went to bed but couldn't sleep.

I've had serious sinus problems lately. I've been taking Claritin D every day and it's keeping me awake. Does anyone know a good decongestant that won't?

Caroline finally got some medicine today for her sinus troubles. She's been sick since early August and we've tried everything. We have a new Dr. and she gave her 3 medicines: Singulair, Nasonex and something else. Caroline has been coughing, get this, every 7-10 seconds!! Poor thing. We've taken her to Girl Scouts, birthday parties, church, homeschool meetings and more and people had to listen to that. I felt bad but life goes on! Finally I think it will be fixed. She had to wear a mask today and inhale this medicine for 10 minutes and a big ole tear rolled out of her eye. I felt so bad for her I had to take her to Toys R Us and buy her a toy.

Okay, I'm going back to bed...we'll be at a church conference for the next few days so see ya next week!


Mrs Pretzel said...

Ahhhh. The nebulizer. Such fun. Give Caroline hugs! Hope your sinuses are better soon as well! I don't have any good tips for sleepable decongestants. Sorry.


Tammy Batson said...

My only thought is ... don't take it too close to bed time ... maybe that will help. I take Clarinex right before bed and it makes me drowsy ... and then mucinex during the day to keep my chest clear. Hope you're better soon ...

Christy B said...

I have something at home that the doc gives me for sinus stuff. It's a prescription though. It doesn't see to keep me up though. Actually not much does.

As for Caroline, poor thing. Maybe the nebulizer will help. My Em takes Clartin for her allergies that are pretty seasonal, but so far she's not had any problems this fall. (watch, I'll probably pick her up and she'll have a runny nose!!!)


Crafty P said...

I eat PB&J's when I can't sleep at 4 am. Maybe you should try it next time.
As for the Claritin- ugh.. I went through that, too. I would Take it in the afternoon and that would get me through till the wee hours of the morning and then I think I took it then again.
I think my mom takes Allegra and likes it. Just that it's hard to get a scrip for that when Claritin is over the counter and all.

I'm with you on the allergies though. they stink.

Can't wait to hear how your conference goes...I'm sure you'll be blessed.