Friday, September 29, 2006

do you feel this way?

You know the thing that irritates me most about life? The fact that I can never, ever get completely caught-up with my housework.

I'm a mark-it-off-the-list-feel-a-sense-of-accomplishment kinda gal.

For every item I mark off, there are 10 more waiting.

This morning I cleaned for about 3 hours and there was still several hours worth of work to be done. So we went out and I came home and cleaned for another hour.

There is still so much to be done.

If I get all the laundry done, I think, "hmmm...should I wash the sheets or shower curtains?"

If I get the whole house clean, I look at the windows and see fingerprints.

If I get the carpet cleaned, I look at the couch and see a stain.

If I have the entire house spotless by outward appearance, I think of all the messy drawers that need organizing!

If those drawers were organized, I'd probably look at the woodwork and think, "boy that looks nasty!"

There are cobwebs to be vacuumed (our house is very dusty), mirrors to be shined, junk to be thrown out, mail to go through, appointments to make, clothes, always clothes to wash, towels to fold.

It's never-ending!

Tell you feel this way? Has there ever been a time when you had EVERYTHING done?


Hollye said...

That is why I NEVER get anything done. I will start something and then I can't finish it because I have to do this before I can do that. It is a never ending cycle. And just for the record...I am never caught up on laundry. I think my hamper grows dirty clothes. Today is actually my day to get my scrapbook room organized. I WANT to scrapbook, but I can't because there is NOT room on any surface in my room!

Michelle Woods said...

Yes, I feel this way everyday! It will never be all done. But then if it was all done it would mean that I did not have children living here and that would be far worse :o( When Chris and I lived in our apartment with no children it was always perfect. Then we moved into our house and it took so much more time to clean but then it did stay clean. THEN I had children and well it is just a lost cause.

Mrs Pretzel said...

House work is NEVER done. When it is, you are DEAD. House work is what happens when LIFE happens. It's a project that gives you proof that you are living life. Funny thing is, the less time that you have for it, the more likely it is that you are living life fully. Don't sweat it! It's gonna be there. Break your work into smaller projects. Know that you WILL have some projects "done", but that more will come. It's OK. I don't know if you've ever been there, but is a great site about this very subject. About that laundry..... the ONLY way to make it stop is to have your family stop wearing clothes, and even THEN there are still the towels and sheets......*sigh*


ebh said...

Oh I am SO there with you Tracie. I just swept the floor, why does it look dirty already???? That is my biggest issue. The floor. Never, ever, get white tile floor if you have kids, a dog and a yard. LOL. There is always hair, grass and little dirt pieces. Grr... Laundry and the kitchen are next on the never-ending cycle. It can be quite frustrating and way too time consuming. I just keep plugging away doing the best I can...sigh, I hope that everyone else thinks it is better than I do!

jennifer said...

You are not alone on this one! Laundry is my worse enemy. I figured out a while back that I had such a bad attitude about it because it was something I could never mark off my to-do list! It is very frustrating. I have to give myself smaller goals, like after 5 loads of laundry I can do this or after I vacuum all the floors I can do that. It is never going to all be done at one time!