Wednesday, September 20, 2006

it finally feels like Fall!

What a glorious day! The sky is blue, the sun is shining and there's a cool breeze blowing.

We finished school early and we're heading out to see one of my dearest friends who just had a baby. She's at a Bowling Green, KY hospital so it will take us about an hour to get there but I'll enjoy the drive in this weather.

Last night, we went out to get Caroline some Fall clothes. She only had shorts and capris and I knew she'd freeze today. Boy is it hard to find clothes I like. They all look like hoochie-mama clothes! The jeans are skinny jeans and her body is still too much like a baby for those. She's got a little tummy that sticks out but the rest of her body is skinny. They just don't fit. I finally found some at Children's Place but I'm going to keep looking. Can't you buy "classic" jeans anymore for a 6 year old? Like with an elastic waist?

I did find some great long-sleeve shirts at Old Navy that were 2 for $15. I got pumpkin and white. I love solids and I love anything pumpkin colored for Fall. I got her a velvet pumpkin colored headband to go with the shirt.

Now I want to find some cute turtlenecks. I checked out Gymboree but their prices kill me. $12.50 for striped tights! I'm going to Target in a minute and I guarantee you they'll have striped tights for half that. But I might have to pay Gymboree prices for a few things. I just love that place. The clothes in her size still look like I want them to look.

Any other suggestions for traditional clothes that won't break the bank? I don't want my 6-year old looking like a 13-year old!

Enjoy this wonderful day!


PS - For those who asked for prayer - I will be going to church later tonight and I'll pray for you. Not that I can't pray here at home, but there is an awesome anointing in that place. Thank you for trusting me with your requests. God bless!


Hollye said...

Target has some really cute leggings. I actually got Kennedy a couple pair. I know what you mean about Gymboree. I just spent more than I should have while I was there on Sunday, but I had a 30% off coupon. Miss K is going to look so cute this fall/winter!

Anonymous said...

Tracey, Ur a sweet <3!!! I loved reading ur Saturday post...
I will see u Saturday, if not before then! TTFN!

doris said...

i SO know what you mean about the hoochie mamma clothes for little ones . . . this is one area where i'm glad i have a boy . . . :D

Anonymous said...

O... I am going to add u to my "blogs I <3" ok!?!

Holly Mathis Interiors said...

Tracie..i totally agree about the clothes is even worse with boys almost..i just dont like the grunge look for my toddler and he cant look like a ragsland model for everyday... i do have good luck finding good basics at lands end, eddie bauer...talbots kids is too might also search ebay for hanna anderson, ollie bolen, ragsland, chez ami... etc.. GOOD LUCK..and God bless you as you raise a godly girl and resist the hootchie trend!

Renee Camacho said...

ebay - all the way - new with tags.

Jennifer Fleming said...

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