Monday, September 25, 2006

It's monday and I'm glad it's over

I feel like I had a whirlwind day! We got up, I made pancakes, we did school, laundry, got dressed and headed to Girl Scouts for the Mad Science Guy. Then we went to the new Backyard Burgers and Caroline played in their big treehouse play area for one hour! After that, we went home and it was so beautiful she wanted to play outside so she rode her bike while I ran beside her (literally) to keep up! Then I went to Walmart for two hours to get groceries, came home, unloaded the car and put them away.

Do you ever have days like that?


Here's a funny pic from the science experiments. I saw this pic and chuckled, I guess you can think better with your mouth open, huh?

Here's their volcano experiment compliments of baking soda and vinegar. The shrieks from those girls were ear-drum shattering! They also made home-made "slime" and learned about dry ice and pressure. It was fun to watch them learn and experiment. The Science guy was a cutie with an English accent. Gotta love an English accent.

One last's Caroline on her bike in front of our house. I'm trying to take her on the street to ride every day while the weather's pretty. Mike's fixing up my bike tomorrow. She kept saying, "I'm gonna hit you!!"

Well it's 10:07 pm so I'm gonna head downstairs now and watch Anj. That's what we call Andy Griffith 'cause that's what Barn calls Andy. heehee


Jann Gray said...

Wow...what a full day. I bet you are exhausted! Some great -- "day in the life" of C pics though. She will love these when she gets older....way to go Mom!

ebh said...

Oh that sounds like a good day! Tiring, but good. I love the pictures of the science stuff. Too cute. Do we get to see the Mad Scientist with the English accent?? Hmmm???