Wednesday, September 20, 2006

new baby, thanks and a girl scout

Today was so great. We saw my friend Ivana and her new baby, Kyndall Michelle. What a doll!! I'm so happy that Ivana and her cutie-patootie husband Jordan are now parents. Ivana and I worked together at a scrapbook store in Bowling Green, KY about 4 years ago and we've become close friends. I only wish I could see her more often. She is one of the sweetest people I've ever known - beautiful inside and out. Here are a couple of pics of her and baby Kyndall...

Here's my little Girl Scout with her best bud, Courtney. She got her Brownie pin Monday and made a "sit-upon" (aka cushion to sit on around the campfire). We found out we're having our first camp experience in November with a camp day with a hayride, bonfire, line dancing and more. She is so excited it's hilarious. I love her in her little vest.

Thanks for all the great clothes advice!! I don't usually buy online because I'm big on trying everything on but I will check into it. I appreciate it!

No school tomorrow! It's our first field trip of the year. I hope I get some great pictures. Check back tomorrow night and we'll see.

Stay cool!

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jennifer said...

How precious! I am so happy for them! There is nothing like a new baby!

Love the photo of Caroline and Courtney! I'm going to have to get a copy of that! I'm so glad Caroline is enjoying Brownies! Once I get in the groove of controlling 20 girls, the meetings will be better!