Saturday, September 09, 2006


I think Caroline is getting tired of having her picture taken. We went to a birthday party today and I was trying to get a picture of the necklace she is wearing that we made at the party. She kept moving while I was taking the picture and she was very distracted (of course), I kept saying, "be still!" I cracked up when I just downloaded the pics and saw this one.

I think it says..

"I am so over you and that whole camera thing."

What is a scrapbooker Mom to do? I'm obsessed with getting a good picture of her! I know that to get a good picture, I have to take tons and keep practicing with my new camera and she never seems to smile authentically or be still. She is VERY happy at a birthday party so I thought I could get in a few good shots.

I did get this picture today and I really love it. Posting pics online doesn't show how it really looks but IRL this is clear as a bell and has good light. Even though I probably get more good pictures than most people, sometimes I feel like time is flying by and I'm not capturing it like I should be.

So, I'm wondering as I type often do you scrapper Moms get a FABULOUS shot of your child? How often do you take pics? Weekly? Daily? When do you seem to get the best shots? The most genuine smiles?


Mrs Pretzel said...

I guess I don't have the kids pose for pictures very often. I think that it's about 50/50. On my blog, you can see how a lot of my pictures end up. I usually just take a ton of actiony type shots, and then pick out the one or two that turned out good. My boys are all hams. So it's not too hard to get a picture of them. The baby is the hardest. One trick I learned when I was a preschool teacher, is to have the kids say something silly that ends in an EEEE sound. Mom's toes smell like turkey!! That one always got giggles. I have purple knees! it can be as short or as long as you want, just jas to end in EEEE so that even if they aren't cracking up, they have a natural smile on. Check out my blog by clicking on my name. Here are the titles of a few of my posts that have pics the way I like them in them. In New Do and Teachers too, Josh was laying down, and the sun was in his eyes, so I just let him keep them closed, and I ended up really liking the picture ALOT. Two others are Blackberries, and Up In the World. To get to Up in the World, just find Blackberries in my previous posts part of my page, and while you are there, look again at the Prev Posts, and Blackberries will be on the page. Hope that makes sense!

Mrs Pretzel said...

Sorry, the directions were suposed to be the other way around. Go to Blackberries, and THEN up in the world.

Crafty P said...

June 2005 was the last 2 great shots I got of my boys. I blew them up to 8x10 and developed them in sepia, framed 'em and gave them to dh for father's day... LAST YEAR. I've been dying for a great close up of each of them ever since.

so there. don't feel so bad, tracie.

Sherri said...

that picture of caroline is hilarious! she is really giving you the evil eye isn't she!!!
it is hard to get them to smile sometimes...and good gravy, try to get 4 of them to smile and look at you all at once...that is exhausting! most of the time i don't try to pose them or i call their name and take it when they look up...or i let them make silly faces first and then they crack up laughing and i get a real smile...
haven't seen you in forever...hope to see you tomorrow!