Thursday, September 14, 2006

What an awesome night!

I just got back from the first night of our church conference. Man it was powerful! From the minute it started, you could tell there was something powerful in the air (God!). The music was awesome as always. Mike usually plays the bass but he is playing electric guitar for this and it sounded great. There were pastors who had traveled from all over to get there. They did a tribute to my pastor's wife's pastor (her pastor growing up). It was his first time at our church and he is 84 years old. They played Selah's version of You Raise Me Up and it was incredible.

Pastor preached on "Not Accepting Deliverance." Basically he talked about how sometimes if you are walking with the Lord and going through a bad situation, instead of asking God for quick deliverance, you need to walk out the struggle because you'll grow. God is a God of process and promise and you can only grow into your promise through the process He takes you through. If we never went through anything, we'd never grow. It was very powerful. He said Christians are always asking God for deliverance and saying woe is me instead of saying "thank you God for this trial" and growing from it. He also said that in order to grow in God, you have to know who you are and what your purpose is. He talks about that a lot. He also talked about not being unequally yoked with people who don't share your vision and he said that even relationships would sometimes be broken if the person didn't celebrate you and share your vision. Of course you have to know what the vision is and it has to be God's vision and not yours. Sometimes as Christians, we let our own agenda get in the way of God's will for our life. I know I have been guilty of that many times. I will be transparent enough to tell you that I have failed God many times and failed people but He doesn't want me to look back. I can only grow in Him and keep doing what he called me to do which is share the truth of who He is.

Good stuff. I'm looking forward to tomorrow and getting another dose of the Word. We have an all-day session and another night service and then all-day Saturday.

If you're local and would love to be blessed, I wish you would visit tomorrow night. I promise you would not leave like you came. Attending my church is a life-changing experience. We'll be having service tomorrow night at 7 pm. Click on the link to the right for more info.

God bless!

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Jann Gray said...

Hey Tracie--

Sounds like an awesome conference. Glad you and the fam are getting to attend. Hope you get some rest...I see you blogging at 4:40 am and feel your pain.

Hang in there friend and enjoy the rest of the week. Hope to see you next week sometime.