Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Round 1!

Happy Halloween!

We've been out "on the square" all day trick-or-treating. We visited Caroline's Grandma and Uncles too. She got an entire basket of candy. We dumped it out on the dining room table so we can start again tonight. I don't know who loves this day more - me or her! :)

Here's a pic of our little trick-or-treaters, Caroline, Kirsten and Dalton, aka Dorothy, Warrior King and Jessie from Toy Story.

We got about 3/4 of the way around the Square and it started to rain lightly. We rushed through the rest of it! I took this pic while we were waiting for Mike to pull the car up - it's one of my favorites!

Here's our other little trick-or-treater, Kennedy. She was Heffalump and looked adorable! She didn't really "get" the whole trick-or-treating thing and was kind of astounded by it all. Isn't she a doll?

We had so much fun and enjoyed a great lunch with Michelle and Dalton. We're going out again in a few hours with our friends from church and Jennifer and her kids as usual. But first, I'm going to take Caroline out in the yard for pictures if it's not raining. I mean, I only got 100 this morning, that's not enough, right??? LOL

Attention Michelle, Hollye and Jennifer - I want a copy of all your pictures from today on cd!!

I'll post more later....have a great day! :)

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Hollye said...

I took a total of like 7 photos! I am bad. So, I want copies of yours. I'll pay you for the CD! That is a great picture of Miss K. We went to the new LSS by my house because they were having a sale and she TorT there and was having a blast carrying a basket around the store and taking candy out of the big tub they had.

Thank you so much for inviting us today. I wish we could have done lunch, but she was OUT before the car was in drive!