Sunday, October 22, 2006

Scrapper Spotlight: Angelia Wigginton

Sometimes I run out of things to say on my blog or don't have pictures to post so I thought I would highlight some of my favorite scrappers from time to time.

I bought the new Hall of Fame book last night. One of my favorite scrappers won this year -- Angelia Wigginton. She's very talented and she's also my friend. We've been getting to know each other better lately but I have admired her pages for a very long time. She has a clean, classic style that is always interesting and creative. She's a very sweet and caring person and I think it comes through in her pages.

She has some of her Hall of Fame layouts posted on her blog. The layout above is probably my favorite. It's hard to choose, they're all so great!!!

I'm going to tell her I've blogged about her so if you admire her work, please leave her a comment here or visit her blog at and check out the pages she has posted. I know they will inspire you!

Have a great Sunday afternoon!


doris said...

ooooooh . . . that is a fabulous one!!! :D

Christy B said...

Angela's one of my favs too! I can usually spot her layouts anywhere.

Thanks for her blog ... didn't know it!


jennifer said...

I haven't had the chance to check out her blog but this layout is great! Thanks for sharing! I haven't looked at my HOF yet either. I'm taking it to Courtney's dentist office this afternoon. Maybe I'll get to peek at it!

Jill LaFaye said...

I viewed her blog..she had great style!!

Anonymous said...

I've always admired her pages.
It's no wonder she won this year. :)

Thanks for doing this, Tracie!

Chelle said...

Tracie? Oh Tracie?'s been a week. Are you ok?