Tuesday, October 03, 2006

slice of life

Have you seen this book?

I got it recently and I love it! Granted, Simple Scrapbooks has never put out a book that I didn't love. The thing about this book is that you have to READ it. It's not a flip-through-it-be-really-impressed-by-the-great-pages kind of book. It's a read-every-word-think-of-a-million-things-you-could-scrap book.

Each chapter is about a different part of your life like things/places/time. I have had so many great ideas for layouts while I am reading this, I need to write them all down before I forget!

One of my favorite layouts is by a dude! Can you believe it? His name is Frank Saraco. His layout is on page 129 and it's about an average day in his life. He gives a run-down of the day with times. I want to do that.

Of course my favorite thing in the whole book is the mini-album shown on the cover by Cathy Zielske. My scrapping hero. The queen of all things graphic and simple. Her little album is about things she uses every day. Love it!

Just thought I'd give you a heads up - if you haven't seen this book and need some inspiration - check it out!


Jill LaFaye said...

Too funny..I purchased this book on 9/9/06..and put a pic of it on my blog on 9/10/06. I love this book too!! Lots of awesome ideas! Good to see you today.

Jann Gray said...

Ok...you all have me talked into it...I need to get "simple scrapbook" sorta girl...never met an embellishment I didn't want to alter etc....but you have me convinced that I need to read this book for content. Ok Annie...do you still have these?

ebh said...

Yeah, this book is on my list. I love Simple too, and I am like you - I want to scrap those sorts of things. I also have been into idea books that you have to read. I just got Ali's pattern paper one. I looked through all the layouts and now I am going to go through and read everything. Pattern paper intimidates me, but I have a ton because I love it so much. Hopefully this book will give me some pattern confidence.

Of course, I still want CZ's book too. Although I think her style can be too graphic for my taste, I love her attitude and the types of things she scraps. I admire the person she seems to be (I have not ever met any scrap celeb...CZ is one I would like to meet).

I'm rambling!

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