Monday, October 02, 2006


Your response to my post yesterday was underwhelming. Glad to know so many of you are concerned about my health! ha!

I had a little bout of illness this morning but I've been better since. Just really tired. I don't know if it was food poisoning or a virus. Oh well. I hope it's gone.

In other news..we had a great homeschool meeting today. The theme was "Fall" and we talked about gourds, pumpkins, leaves, etc. and did a crayon rubbing in Fall colors over leaves I "borrowed" from the Park. heehee We had a pumpkin patch story and did some other fun things. I gave each child a little treat we put together of mellowcreme pumpkins, candy corn and Kraft caramels. Yum.

I meant to do a million other things today but instead after we did school, I sort of vegged all afternoon. Watched Wife Swap. I'm trying not to watch tv at night but it's hard when you're tired! We watched several episodes of Andy on DVD too.

I'm taking a picture a day in October. Here's one from today (above). I love how happy CC looks. So much like herself.

So what'd you do today?


Jann Gray said...

Love the pic a day idea....I may just have to adopt it....give me a whole month of scrappable moments.

I think vegging out when you have had the busy day you have had is perfectly least I hope it is...causae I sure need it too.

Love ya girl! Sorry you were feeling poorly (that's what my grandma always said...she was "feeling poorly -- or under the weather." Not sure exactly what those meant -- but we all knew she wasn't quite herself when she said 'em

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great homeschool day with the fall theme. Especially the treats after the pumpkin patch story. Did you know that autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower?

I left a comment about your health post yesterday. Don't know why it shows 0 comments. Glad you're feeling better today.

ebh said...

I somehow missed your post about being sick. Weird. I thought I posted yesterday. I am losing it, I guess. Glad you are feeling better.

I think I am going to do crayon rubbings on leaves. My girls would enjoy that...

Anonymous said...

Trac... I actually got the craft mates at Hobby Lobby but they have them at Joann's too I think... Im glad ur feeling better... Getting sick is aweful... especially that kinda sick. C is getting sooo big! Haven't seen her inforever!!

Amanda said...

Been out of didn't read your blog. I am so glad you are feeling a bit better.
We went to Panama City Beach, FL for the weekend. Beautiful weather. Getting ready to upload some pictures to the computer. I so hope they are good!

jennifer said...

I'm so glad you're feeling better!

Love that photo of Caroline! I've tried the photo a day thing a couple of times. Couldn't do it. Maybe I'll try again!

Your homeschool sessions always sound great! Would you like to be a guest leader at a Brownie meeting?

Renee said...

whoops...last comment, left off the E in your name. sorry