Friday, November 10, 2006


Well I'm going to the Dr. this afternoon. Have you ever made a Dr.'s appt. and then you start feeling better a few hours before? I hate that! I don't know whether to go or not but I'm going. I called and talked to a nurse.

Caroline is chomping at the bit to go to the park. I am going to take her for a few minutes before I drop her off at my Mom's. Speaking of my Mom, here's an update. She is having a second eye surgery next week to remove a cataract and will have to stay overnight at the hospital. The first Dr. admitted that he screwed up and didn't fix the problem. She just wants it all to be over. I feel so bad for her. She did say yesterday that it was nice to be taken care of and doted on. She kept thanking me for all I had done (which was not much) and I was like, "well, I know, you've never done much for me." ha! That's a joke. When Caroline was born, my Mother came over EVERY DAY for 9 months to hold her while I cleaned the house. Caroline was a high-needs baby and would only sleep during the day if she were being held. So we took turns holding her on the couch while she slept. I'm glad I'm getting a chance to do something nice for her. I need to be doing more but I'm sick! Ack.

So how's your Friday going? I saw on the news this morning that it's going to be a high of 78 today and 48 tomorrow! Yikes! I want about two weeks of 72 degree weather. Wouldn't that be nice?


Jill LaFaye said...

This crazy Tennessee weather..probably the reason you are sick..having to turn the heat on one day and the air conditioning the next does not help matters at all.

Mrs Pretzel said...

Spent the evening with my youngest in the ER here. That's how my friday went. stitches. they stink. 'nuf said. Hope your Dr visit goes better, and Caroline enjoyed her moments at the park!


Anonymous said...

Hello Tracie,
Hope that you remember me its Kim Edwards from ENCS.Found your blog on Tammy Batsons.My sister gave me Tammys.Thought I would say hello to you & what a inspiration you are even now after 22 yrs.Enjoy your blog.
Take Care, KIM