Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Happy Turkey Day!

I realize it's not today but I probably won't be updating my blog tomorrow. I've been bad about it lately - sorry! I really have been spending less and less time on the computer. That's a good thing. A very good thing.

I cleaned my house today from 10:30 am until 5:30 pm. I only took a couple of 20 minute or so breaks to eat and rest. I still have a long list of things to do around the house. It's never, ever done. I just wanted to get it all clean so I could get my Christmas decorations down tomorrow. Who wants to decorate a dirty house, right? That's no fun! So now I can light a fire in my fireplaces, play carols, drink hot chocolate and decorate without feeling the weight of undone chores.

Tomorrow we're headed to be with Mike's family for Thanksgiving. His Mom makes the best turkey gravy. It has little bits of boiled egg in it. Yum. I'm responsible for the desserts. I'm taking a pumpkin and cream cheese cake and brownies. Maybe something else too. An apple pie? The third thing will have to be store-bought.

Well...just wanted to pop on and say have a great holiday. I am so thankful this year for all my blessings, I hope you are too. Caroline and I are getting ready to go eat Mexican and then come home and make desserts.

So what are YOU doing for Thanksgiving and WHAT are you thankful for?


Anonymous said...

It was good to hear your voice the other day. I miss you girlfriend. Hope you end up with a very blessed Happy Thanksgiving.

Love you Jann

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Tracie!

Amanda said...

Happy Thanksgiving...a couple days late!
Where to I start? I am thankful for my family, my faith, my health & family's health, my successful career, my friends...I could go on and on!
We had Thanksgiving at my tell me about the cleaning! And tomorrow afternoon, we go to Randy's parents house for Thanksgiving with his family (although his parents were at my house Thursday too!) I am making broccoli salad, cranberry salad, coconut cake, pumpkin pie, pralines & apple cake, yummy!
Talk to you later!

Mrs Pretzel said...

Happy Thanks Giving! (late) I had a great time with my family. I'm thankful this year, for our new home, and community. I'm thankful for friends, family, and neighbors. I'm Thankful that we are all in good health. and I'm thankful that the man I love is also my best friend.


Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you, Tracie!

I'm thankful for many things, and your friendship is on my list. :)