Sunday, December 10, 2006

2 parades in 2 days

I'm so glad to finally be inside where it's warm! Yesterday Caroline was in the Gallatin parade with the Girl Scouts. I think she was bored and missed me. She wanted to see the other people in the parade. So today, we sat outside again to watch the Hendersonville parade. It was a little slow this year but enjoyable. At least it was 57 degrees and not freezing. (Well according to the sign flashing next to us anyway.)

Here she is in the parade yesterday. I was a little irritated at her for not letting me get a good picture. I stood there for an hour waiting on her to come by. She had her hands almost completely covering her face the whole time! Finally she put one down a little and I got this shot. She said she was cold but hello! Your Mother is obsessed with photography, smile pretty for the camera! hehe

Today she was happier and ready to see the parade. Her gloves clash with her Santa hat but that's okay. I love to see her all bundled up.

Every year, we sit in the same spot for the parade. I was just thinking that by doing that, we are making a tradition Caroline will always remember. My family did not have many traditions so that makes me happy that we make new ones all the time. Our church had a float, we screamed as they went by of course. Here's my Pastor and his wife. I call her Sister Pastor. heehee They have lots of motorcycles and this cool old car. We actually got out of church a little early today so we could all rush out to the parade. It was fun to see all our friends go by.
Of course what would a parade be without Santa as the finale? Here he is, I guess it's official - Christmas will be here soon!! I hope you're enjoying your holidays as much as we are.

Have a great Sunday night!

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