Wednesday, December 06, 2006


Have you ever taken a picture you love that was a little blurry? Do you scrap it anyway?

I love this picture I took of Caroline at Steak and Shake the other day. I got several clear ones but I just adore her face in this one. It's strange - her face doesn't look blurry on the computer screen but it does in my photo-editing software. Not bad, just a tad bit blurry. Maybe if I printed it out, it wouldn't be that bad.

Still, I'm wondering, have you scrapped a blurry picture?


Anonymous said...

Yep. If I love it and it says something to me then I scrap it anyway. Oh, and I miss steak and shake! LOL! ;) Caroline is beautiful! SCRAP IT! :)

Chelle said...

Absolutely scrap it! I've scrapbooked a few myself.

Amanda said...

I love Steak & Shake...fries...yummy!
Yes...scrap that picture. You may not be much on converting to sepia or black and white, but if you did and printed it or had it printed that blur probably wouldn't show up as much. Might look like it was there on purpose!

Sarah said...

I say "life's a little blurry sometimes anyway." Scrap that darling photo and love it!

jennifer said...

Yes, I have! It is a great picture, scrap it!

Mrs Pretzel said...

Yes, I have. One of them, I used a bunch of pictures of the boys that were blurry. I titled the page look past the fuzzy or something along those lines. Another thing I do, is edit the photo, and use the blurred edge around the picture. Make it look a little like I did things blurry on purpose.