Tuesday, December 19, 2006

fun Monday

Here's what we did today...

1) Went to the Belle Meade Plantation for a field trip. It was awesome!!! We learned all about how the children of the house celebrated Christmas in 1880. We did a Christmas craft where we glued torn up scraps of paper onto a cone. Mine turned out neurotically perfect after some trimming.

2) Ran into sweet Tonia (rhymes with Bologn-ya) in the Belle Meade Kroger. She was like, "what are YOU doing here?" I was like, "what are YOU doing here?" It was funny. You had to be there. (Neither of us live in that area.)

3) Had a yummy lunch at Baha Fresh. Mucho gaucamole was eatenup-o (to use a word I made up).

4) Stopped by the hospital where a friend works to give her some birthday goodies. I taught Caroline how to press the elevator button with her elbow. Yep. I did. Pretty proud of myself too.

5) Learned all about cookie sales at Girl Scouts (get ready people - I'm comin' for you). Then we had a ceremony where Caroline received six badges! Yippee! She's up to 8 now.

6) Watched Wife Swap and learned how NOT to treat my husband. Then watched Super Nanny and remembered why I don't have six kids.

7) Went shopping all by myself at Publix and Target. Joy!! The angels sang. Or maybe that was just me singing out loud in the parking lot. Ooops. I did actually have an embarassing moment. I was in the self-pay line at Publix and short a nickel. I had to ask a lady next to me to borrow one then I informed her that I wasn't really borrowing it 'cause she wouldn't be getting it back. She seemed okay with that. My face turned red.

8) Got behind my Pastor on the way to Target and then we both pulled up to a four-way stop side-by-side. I carefully avoided stopping next to him. I stayed a little behind his car. I wanted to avoid the "do I look? do I wave? can they see me?" situation. Whew. That was close.

9) Came home, wrapped some gifts. Almost done.

10) Watched the rest of SuperNanny that I had taped, did some laundry, downloaded pictures, smooched my husband (heehee), looked at my new Simple Scrapbooks (fabulous!), and now

here I am! I'm pooped! Heading to bed!!

Have a great Tuesday!


Mrs Pretzel said...

Love the six kid comment! I watched too. It was too good. I really think that the family did a really great job. Six is so many, and it's not like they had then one at a time. It was like BAM! Here's mine, There's yours, make a few more in under two years... OMG! Did YOU realise we have six kids!?

Love wife swap too. I ALWAYS feel better about myself and my hubby treatment after that show! LOL


Renee said...

You make me laugh! Wish I had such productive days. Eat, dishes, sleep, repeat! Jack ONLY naps while nursing...I know, bad mommy. I need a naptime intervention!

stephanie said...

I so loved your nickel incident!!!
That was really funny and something that I would probably do, too. :)

I always feel much better and am usually relieved to know I am NOT THAT BAD of a parent after watching those Nanny shows....oy vey!