Thursday, December 21, 2006

my girl likes to party all the time

Caroline decided we should have a little Christmas party at our house and invite her favorite friends, Courtney and Kirsten (and their Mom, Jennifer, of course). She wanted balloons but I convinced her that all of our Christmas decorations would suffice. She got the new Care Bears Nutcracker video and a Walmart gift card which she wants to use on a new Bible. I enjoyed having a friend over so I could relax for a few minutes and enjoy my tree in the Living Room! I feel like time is rushing by me this week.

We had little sandwiches, chips and dip, cheese cubes, cupcakes and Christmas cookies. After lunch we opened gifts, played together and then made tiny gingerbread houses. I got the idea from my friend Tammy Batson. Her little girl made these at school. I bought some cheap white icing at Walmart, graham crackers and candy. They were very easy to do! Fun too. Here's Caroline's...

That was today. Tonight we went to Trinity Baptist Church for a Live Nativity scene. There sure are some nice people there! Our church is next door to it and we kept seeing the sign and thought it would be fun. They had a tent set up with tons of refreshments and drinks. I have never seen this before but they had Nestle liquid hot chocolate mix in a pump that they got from Sam's! It was awesome!!! I want to snag some of that for parties. I wish I had a Sam's card.

The Living Nativity was neat but I wish there would have been singing, music or just some narration. It was a little uneventful but maybe that's how Jesus birth really was. A quiet calm. Peaceful like peace that only comes from God above. I'm getting that as I type this. Mary knew. Joseph knew. The shepherds saw the angels. But it was still a woman giving birth to a child and she was tired and there they were in a stable. Still...I think the glory of the Lord must have shone about them and it must have been a time of wonder for them all. I love to think about it and sing Christmas carols that tell of his birth.

I hope you are enjoying your Christmas holiday! Jesus is such a big part of my life but he is even more present in my mind right now because of the reminders of Christmas everywhere.

Peace and joy to you!


stephanie said...

I have always loved seeing the live nativity here at our church, too.

Merry Christmas, Tracie!

Mrs Pretzel said...

Ahhhh the girl is a kindres spirit. I'd have a party EVERYDAY if I didn't have to CLEAN afterward! LOL

Merry Christmas!


Mrs Pretzel said...

Kindred. Kindred spirit. Sheesh.