Sunday, December 03, 2006

Sunday, Sunday

It's been a great Sunday! Freezing, but great! Church was incredible this morning. Oh my goodness. When Pastor started out, I thought, "where is he going with this?" (I often think that. LOL) After a few points, I was blown away! I need to share it with you. Maybe tomorrow if I have time. I took a bunch of notes. My church is such a blessing.

Tomorrow is our Dec. homeschool group. I have loads of fun things planned. I'm excited about it. We're having a Christmas party in my class and we're playing games, having cookies, doing a gift exchange, singing carols, etc. I hope they enjoy it. It's taken quite a bit of planning today (and shopping!).

We went to Dollar Tree today and Caroline picked out a gift from HER to all our family. Yep. We spend big. $1 on everyone. ha!!!!! It's cute to see what she ends up with. Now I have to wrap it all....mugs, socks, dish towels, candy, etc.

I promised a few more pictures...still haven't taken any of my decorations but here are some from our little visit to TBN this week. We live about 3 miles from TBN (Trinity Broadcasting Network). It used to be Twitty City, Conway Twitty's home. They have the best gift shop ever there and you can walk around behind it and there's a beautiful, beautiful huge Nativity Scene. I love it. We went one day last week while it was warm and just enjoyed it so much.

Here's an overview of part of it...
Here's part of the Nativity scene....
I love this statue, it is Jesus after he died on the cross, so touching to see my Savior this way, it helps me remember the pain he endured so that I wouldn't have to endure the torture of Hell...I never want to take his sacrifice for granted...
If anyone's interested in visiting TBN, let me know and I'll pop over there with you if I can! They have great free movies and a cafe too.

Well I'm off to bake cookies for our party. Have a great week!!!


Anonymous said...

Wish I could visit TBN! It was literally down the road from us! Oh well! It looks wonderful though!

Mrs Pretzel said...

Sounds like the best place!
I blogged about my Sunday yesterday too! Sounds like it was a great day across the country! LOL


Amanda said...

Awesome Nativity scene.
And what a cool idea about the dollar store for gifts. That is great that you are teaching her that it shouldn't be about the money you spend!
Missed out on the cookie night...if I had have known you were baking, I would have stopped in!