Tuesday, December 26, 2006

this house is full of toys!

We had a great Christmas! I hope you did too. Caroline absolutely loves and adores her new American Girl doll. She named her Anna Elizabeth Claiborne. Here she is, moments after opening her. She has a funny look on her face 'cause I think she's squeezing her real tight. heehee I am disappointed in my pictures from Christmas. I didn't take very many because I just wanted to enjoy the moment but then later I regretted it!!! Also, it rained that morning so it wasn't very bright in my living room. I had my flash off because I've gotten to where I just hate pictures with a flash. They look so artificial! So I only got a few decent shots. I will have to say, however, I looked at my pictures from last year and the year before and I didn't get any great ones on those Christmas mornings either. Caroline is just in too big of a hurry to open gifts and she's one big blur. So oh well. Did you get any good pics of gift opening?

Here's a picture of Caroline after she changed her doll in to one of her new outfits. She got three outfits (from my Mom and us) and a t-shirt. She is really good at putting it all on by herself. She's brushing her hair too so it will stay nice. It was dark and rainy again today but I think tomorrow I am going to put her Christmas pj's and then her Christmas outfit on again and take some pictures of her with her toys. I used to take one of her in front of all her toys after Christmas but the last few years I forgot. I'm definitely going to do that and make a list too.

You should see our Den. It is completely full of toys. I will be figuring out storage for everything in the next few days, do you have to do that? Caroline got a Little Mommy grocery cart for her Little Mommy dolls (she has the original one and the twins). That is the biggest thing I'm worried about storing. She also got a container of about 800 legos and a Disney castle with all the princesses. Luckily it folds up. She got a Princess remote control car she's loving. Here she is at my Mom's opening gifts. I love how her hair curled up. We're getting it cut this week so I need to get several pics of it long first.

I got some nice gifts: 2 seasons of Andy Griffith on DVD, socks, money, gift certificates and cards, body wash from Bath and Body Works, a great calendar, books and my favorite, a new Bible. It is beautiful. I will treasure it. I want to start a daily reading plan in 2007. We will hopefully begin our school day with prayer and bible study. That was my plan all along but I didn't implement it. Now that Caroline can read so well, she is going to read her Bible and I'm going to read mine. I want to train her to make a habit of spending time with the Lord.
Well I hope you are doing well and had a great holiday.


Chelle said...

How fun! We had a fabulous Christmas too! I did get some good pictures. But they are mainly snapshots and I wasn't going for anything "professional looking". It's not on my blog yet, but I captured some of those first expressions of awe on their faces. It was really cool.

jennifer said...

Merry Christmas! I'm so glad yours was wonderful! Ours was too! These photos are great! I know what you mean about the flash. I used mine and the photos are a bit harsh but I'm okay with it! I actually updated my blog with some of those shots!

Mrs Pretzel said...

She lloks so cute with her new dolly!