Wednesday, January 17, 2007

clean-up, clean-up, everybody, everywhere...

clean-up, clean-up, everybody do your share.

Remember that song from Barney?

Unfortunately there's no one here to do their share but me.

I've been on my hands and knees so long scrubbing the bathroom and hall floor that my back is aching. (I need some cheese with this whine.)

I cleaned myself into a corner so I had Caroline lay down paper towels so my dirty body wouldn't touch the clean(ish) hall floor.

I am now well-acquainted with every inch of my toilet.

Why are they so curvy?

I still haven't cleaned the sink in there. You wouldn't believe what was under the metal vent when I pulled it up. Gross. It was bad. (Hope you're not eating!!! Bwahahaha!) I had to rinse it off in the sink after spraying it down with cleaner. Greeeaaatttt.

I've showered and I'm resting, now I'm going to sweep the kitchen and wood in the Liv. Rm/Dining Rm and then mop it all with anti-bacterial Swiffer stuff.

Then I'm throwing out my broom. Just in case.

Then I can get busy with the rest of my chores.

Let's see - that will consist of: laundry, laundry and more laundry. I feel like I need to wash all the sheets and all the throw rugs. Then there are dishes in the sink. A desk in my scrap area that is covered. I'm going to Lysol the carpet. Clean all the banister railings again just in case. Then there's those other two bathrooms upstairs that could use a cleaning and I feel like the tub should be sandblasted after I just took a shower in it.

Are you tired yet? I am.

Pray for me people! And thanks for all your kind words. Love ya!


Anonymous said...

Ew. Not fun. I would be scrubbin with clorox wipes like a mad woman, too! So sorry you had to go through that!!

ebh said...

Oh I am so sorry! What a mess! So sorry that no one is around to help you. What a big job.

Hope you can get some pampering from your dh and dd later!

Mrs Pretzel said...

Well, I wasn't eating, THANK GOD! So I made it through your post... I've been busy too, but I think my busy was more fun than yours...It's still cold here. How's the weather there?


Chelle said...

Ok you had me rolling on the floor laughing! I know it is not that funny to you, but the images in my head as you wrote that just cracked me up! I'm really wondering now if you will sandblast your shower?

Jann Gray said...

oh my stinkin (emphasis on stinkin') stars! I cannot imagine a grosser thing to happen to you (I wouldn't like it myself that much either -- it is just gross).

Hope the cleaning frenzie has passed and you have a chance to deserve it baby!

kellicrowe said...

we have had the same thing happen
and blech
and WHY is the toilet so curvey?
good point

Jill LaFaye said...

I just heard the news today..oh my gosh..Trace! I am so made it through the surgery O.K...If you need call me. I can bring dinner..go to the grocery store for name it.
Big Giant Hugs!!!!!

Hollye said...

Tracie...if you need anything....and I mean ANYTHING, please let me know. K and I are leaving on the 5th, so we will be around a little longer. I sent out an email to all my mommy friends, so they are all praying for you. Love you Trace!

stephanie said...



Mrs Pretzel said...

I just FINALLY came and read your comments thinking I might find out something about why you hvaen't blogged lately... SURGERY!? Oh MAN! I'm hoping that you are recovering well... I wish I was close enough to you to DO something.