Monday, January 15, 2007


Have you ever read someone else's words and thought, "she just summed up how I think/feel exactly!"

I love it when that happens!

I must have been under a rock but I didn't realize that Ali Edwards has a cool newsletter that you can get in your e-mail inbox each week!!

I haven't been keeping up with her blog so I'm sure that this is not news to those of you who do.

Some of you might even be wondering who Ali is. She's calls herself a "life artist" - a term I'm liking more everyday. "Scrapbooker" just doesn't seem to sum it up.

So I just read her newsletters from issue one to the latest - issue twelve and she just kept putting into words exactly how I feel. She even made some things clear for me that I was confused about or needed encouragement on. (All of it scrapbooking related.)

Here are some of my favorite comments from her newsletters...

- Before I begin any project I always ask myself to identify the story I want to tell - often times this includes writing it out in advance so I make sure that I flush out all the ideas I want to include to make the story complete.

- I have come to the conclusion that I make stuff because I love the process of creating - the cutting and pasting and playing with products is all just for me. The story & the photos are more for "them" - Chris, Simon, and anyone else who comes across my creations in the future. When Simon or Chris or my parents look at my projects they are most interested and excited about looking at the photos and reading the journaling - they could care less about the products I use. (I needed to hear this because sometimes it's hard when non-scrappers don't "get" the effort I put into a page.)

- ...going over my older pages helps me see what I like and don't like about my own scrapbooking. One of the main things I have learned is that the pages I love the most often tell the best stories. They are the stories I feel like I told completely - there was nothing missing when I looked at it again. I have also noticed that I really enjoy the layouts that have more than one photo - just my own personal preference right now. This has helped me keep my focus when I scrapbook today. (I could have written this statement, it is exactly how I'm feeling about scrapbooking right now.)

- ...focus on your story first and foremost by writing your journaling. From there, pick out one word from your journaling that will become your title. (Great advice on how to get started on a layout, I love the advice on titles.)

I signed up for the newsletter by e-mail. (You can sign up at the bottom of each newsletter.) I'm so excited to see what she has to say next!

So did you all know about this and do you love it? What do you like best about Ali?


Jann Gray said...

I am a huge Alifan. I love her emphasis on "telling the story" but allowing the art of it be your own personal expression of the story.

Mrs Pretzel said...

I've never read her newsletter, but I love the life artist. It's much broader a term, and it covers ME much better! I might have to lift that one from her!


jennifer said...

I love Ali! Her attitude and zest for life are wonderful! I love her newsletters but I haven't actually done any of the things she suggests. I have picked out a word for this year - simple/simplify. It has really been speaking to me already and my life is screaming for "me to simplify" everything!
As far as Ali's influence from a scrapbooking perspective, I really want to focus on the words going forward from here. I'm not too good at that!