Tuesday, January 16, 2007

gross and expensive

That describes the last two days for me.

Our septic tank backed up into our house. The downstairs toilet overflowed gallons onto my hardwood floor. It came out in the hall. It was e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e.





Can you imagine me with a house full of poopie germs?

I clean all the doorknobs and banister after someone comes over!

I wash my hands first thing when I come home, Caroline too.

I use my sleeves on the grocery cart.

I use Purell after pumping gas.

I bleach everything.

I go through 105 Clorox Wipes in my house every other week.

This was more than my germ-o-meter could handle!!!!!!!!

At least I've retained my sense of humor.

We had someone come out and were outside with them until almost midnight, then this morning they came back and discovered that we had a break in the line in the back yard. It had filled with mud and was causing the back-flow into the house. They had to bring a back-hoe and fix it.

$2,750 later...I can flush.

Whew. That's a steep price to be able to go to the bathroom.

Now I have mopped and mopped and mopped and mopped and mopped (yes it really was about that many times) and I'm going to get on my hands and knees tomorrow with paper towels and Lysol and scrub 'til my hands bleed.

My wood floor is chipping off behind the toilet, it still looks soaked even though I got the water up immediately. I'm sure it is under the floor. Too bad it's not 90 outside instead of 20!

I'm just going to pray over it that we won't get mold and trust God.

The worst part is that ALL my towels, new and old are now filled with dirty toilet water and I have to wash them all tomorrow.

Boy that ought to be fun!!

So just think - if you think YOU had a bad day...you could have had mine!!!


Sarah said...

Oh man. I can't even imagine you saying the word "poopie" much less enduring all those soaked towels. May it go quickly and easily.
((Fresh Clean Hugs))

Chelle said...

Oh Crap! (literally)

At first I was laughing, but now I'm crying with you. I can not imagine this happening to me let alone you!

Poor thing!

Jill LaFaye said...

Girl you are gonna need some therapy after this!! What a mess..and for this to happen to you..I sure hate that it did. I was laughing during most of your post until the end..just the way you described everything..and imagining you having to deal with "poopie"..God love ya..I will be thinking of you washing "poopie" towels..call me if you need some help and I will come and scrub with you.

Hollye said...

Okay...I am suprised that you aren't in the mental hospital over this! I am not a germaphoba and that is giving me the hibbie jebbies!!! And doesn't it make you sick to your stomach to have to write a check out like that? I have a "handyman" coming out soon to fix some sheetrock damage to our ceiling. But, I need new tires on my truck first. Dang it...I need a money tree in my back yard!

jennifer said...

Oh, my goodness! I cannot believe you are having to deal with this! I wish I could come over and help you! I'll be praying that you will have the strength to get everything back to the way it was and that there will be no lingering damage!

Anonymous said...

Tracie, you POOR thing! I can't believe that happened to you guys. At least it's your own family's poopie germs and not a lot of other people's...just tell yourself that. :) I'm looking forward to seeing you in a few weeks at my house, baby!

Roxy Roller said...

Oh, Tracie...just reading this makes my skin crawl! I am totally with you on the germ-o-meter! I do everything you said you do to prevent the spread of germs in my household! I feel for you and hope that you can have some sense of poopie-germ peace after this is all over!

Mrs Pretzel said...

OH. THAT IS GROSS. I can't imagine! It's bad enough when the CLEAR stuff overflows once in a while, because my three year old has once again tried to flush something unflushable... but the REALLY yucky stuff!? I don't know if I could handle it. You are one BRAVE woman! Happy scrubbing? Leave a little skin for you!


Anonymous said...