Tuesday, January 02, 2007

the most shocking thing has been happening

I've been scrapbooking!


See my desk?

There is a project in process!

I asked for and got the most delightful kit for Christmas. It is from lisabearnson.com and is only $15 and the proceeds go to breast cancer research. It is one of the albums that was sold as a kit on QVC. I thought it was a great deal since it is chock-full of Heidi Swapp goodies and the album itself would be $15! It comes in a great box too.

Anyway...the album is "all about me" and I'm having the time of my life making it!

There are 20 pages in the album and I only have four left to finish.

I just need about 3 pictures of me to add to it.

I'll post it this week when I finish. I already have the pages scanned that are completed.

Anyway...I have rediscovered the joy of scrapbooking this week. I never thought I would dig a kit but I'm diggin' it. Yesterday after church, my sister took Caroline home, Mike took a nap and I had about 5 hours to myself just to scrapbook. All my chores were done. The house was clean and quiet. I watched Andy on DVD. I listened to cd's. It was heavenly. Heavenly. Then they took her again tonight to visit my Aunt for Christmas gifts. I'm just lovin' some time to myself.

Here's a cute picture of Caroline today. She asks her Daddy constantly if he will make an Icee with her. She has this Icee maker but to make them, you have to go through like 40 steps and they don't come out good. I'm going to donate it soon. It's lame. But they made one. Guess who had to hand wash all the Icee maker parts? Not them. The worst part is, they didn't have fruit juice so they used RC! Gag! She seemed to like it. Got a little caffeine buzz, she's not used to that.

I'll leave you with a picture of one of my Mom's Christmas trees. Isn't it lovely? Can anyone tell who I get my neurotic tendencies from? hehe


Amanda said...

Isn't that funny...you have to clean the ICEE maker. Yep sounds like my house.

I cleaned all weekend, organized, got stuff in bags for Goodwill. My hubby this morning took the bags out to the garage (one step closer to being off my place) and opened a bag to say, "why you throwing these good shoes out? I have only worn them a couple of times?" Well the shoes looked like world war II or I or maybe even III had been fought in them.

Enough about that! I have been scrapping too! Congrats to both of us...we need a pat on the back.

Mrs Pretzel said...

Cleaning the Icee Maker....
Are you SURE you don't live in MY house!? hee hee.
I think that the other people in my house are missing that cleaning gene. At least the cleaning in the kitchen one. Hubby does help A LOT with OTHER stuff. Just NEVER the kitchen! Too funny!


Jann Gray said...

YEAH...I love when you scrapbook! You are so creative and I bet you are making that kit sing! I saw it and thought it was totally cute! Can't wait to see the finished product.

Isn't there something wonderful about everything being done...and then feeling no guilt when you sit down to do something YOU wanted to do?!?!?!? Love it. I feat that feeling is at least as far off as the wedding for me...but that is ok...I am willing to delay gratification for this one!

Emily said...

You don't know me and I don't know you but I read your blog! ;-) And I love my All About Me album too! Have had a blast making it and then tweaking it to my style... I love that it is so reliant on journalling.

Take care. I enjoy reading about your life.

Chelle said...

Oh wow beautiful tree and every present wrapped to the hilt with ribbons and fancy bows. (Very elegant)

That's awesome you've been scrapbooking! I actually scrapbooked a little yesterday. I worked on 3 layouts and can say that 1 is complete.

Anonymous said...

Lovely tree at your mom's...I can't get your Christmas decorating pics to load. :(
Your home looked lovely last year;
would love to see pics from this year!