Thursday, January 04, 2007

wanna see something freaky?

Our Pastor's wife (I call her Sister Pastor, heehee), read the Christmas Story to the children on Christmas Eve. I was on the front row taking pictures. I didn't want to use my flash and disturb her or be obvious. I had my 50mm lens on and no flash. I thought this picture came out good but then I looked closer. There is a lady in the very front, close to where I was sitting, she must have moved and it looks like she has no face!!!! Aren't I a great photographer? :)

Can you see that?

Dude. That's freaky.

And something happened to my Christmas decoration pics in a previous post. I don't know what THAT's about! They disappeared. A commenter wanted to see them. Here's an overview. Looks pretty much the same as last year. Different ribbon. I do have a few new glass ornaments this year but you can't tell in a pic obviously. The second pic is of my beloved nutcracker collection. It makes me happy!

Peace out!


Anonymous said...

Very nice!

Christy B said...

Love you Christmas pictures and decorations. My mom collects Nutcrackers, she's got like 25 of them on top of her computer desk. My dad threatened us if we got her anymore. I love them though!!!!

Jill LaFaye said...

Looks like a picture from a magazine! Absolutely stunning....
Please keep in touch! I will miss hearing your bubbly giggles at the store..sooo sad.

Anonymous said...

That IS freaky! LOL! ;) Your Christmas pictures are beautiful! Love your house, Tracie! Happy New Year! :) Miss you and Tenneseee! :) Oh, and Crackerbarrel, too! Hehe!

Amanda said...

Glad you didn't take a picture of me! I don't want to not have my face removed!

Your decorations are beautiful-or were beautiful.

Talk to you soon.

Mrs Pretzel said...

Love the faceless lady,
Love the tree and mantle,
Love the nutcrackers,
Love YOU!
Thanks for sharing!


stephanie said...

That is kinda freaky!

I loved your Christmas decorations last year, and I still love them this year. Very pretty!

Happy New Year, Tracie!

Sarah said...

Oh Tracie, Julian l-o-v-e-s nutcrackers. He's sitting here by me when I pulled up your blog and he practically climbed in my lap to get a better look. I'm printing your picture for him. (He says thank you.)

Post some art, girlie. I need a fix. :)

Jann Gray said...

Yes...a little freaky....but you ARE a great photographer!

Love the nutcracker collection...and your rendition of the ALL ABOUT ME book that you were working on last night has me second guessing sending it to my sister...or maybe I will just go and buy another one!

Love ya girl.