Sunday, February 18, 2007

I scrapped.

In the last couple of days, my chest pain has started to feel a little better. The Dr. told me to take a mix of 2 Tylenol and 1 Advil several times a day. I think it's working. So just when I'm starting to feel better, my child gives me her viral infection (as her Dr. called it). I am miserable. Blowing my nose. Coughing. Can't rest. I hope it goes away soon.

Before I got the crud, I worked on a couple of pages. I finished this one up last night when I couldn't sleep. It doesn't have a white border in real life - blogger added that. It is inspired by a page that Lisa Truesdell (gluestick girl) did ages ago. I've always wanted to use the design. I changed it just a titch. I like how well the colors match the picture. That's probably my favorite thing about scrapping....finding paper that matches a picture perfectly. I love my paper stash. It makes me happy.

I also posted this in Jenni's gallery. I used a few things that weren't in the kit because they just fit. I'm working on a layout in my head using those yummy little hearts that came with this month's kit. They are delightful.

I guess that's it for today. I missed church again. Just trying to get well so I can go back to my life. Maybe tomorrow...


Michelle Woods said...

Beautiful layout....I love the colors. You are really good at finding just the right paper to go with a picture.
I am so sorry that you missed church, I know how much you love it.

annie said...

I am soooo glad your pain is lessening!
I love your wonderful page!
Glad you took a little time for yourself to scrap.

Anonymous said...

Super-cute layout. Ya still got it, even feeling less than stellar!

Angelia said...

Beautiful layouts. We both have that "perfectly matching paper" sickness ;)

stephanie said...

Glad to know I'm not the only one who loves a match...paper and picture, that is.