Tuesday, February 20, 2007

is it Tuesday?

I am in a fog today. I have barely slept since Friday night. Claritin D keeps me awake but I need it. Ugh.

My viral infection is way better. I feel almost well today, except for being tired.

We have some beautiful weather on the way. I hope I feel good enough to take Caroline to the park on Thursday. It's supposed to be 61.

Did anyone watch Wife Swap last night???? Oh my word. That was the nastiest, freakiest family in America. I didn't know there were people that nasty! I was so grossed out. That poor lady who had to stay there. I would have taken one look and said, "take me home!!" Mike said if he went on Wife Swap he would lie on the application so they wouldn't stick him with a weirdo. Um, Mike, you're a man. Not a wife. ha-ha! Good plan though.

Tonight is American Idol. The top 12 men compete. This should be interesting.

Can you tell my life revolves around night-time tv right now? I don't feel like doing anything else! Don't judge me. :)

And just because every blog post needs a picture. The picture today is of Caroline trying to figure out a math problem. I took a series of pics of her thinking. They are hilarious. She goes through so many faces. She cracks me up.

See ya!


Michelle Woods said...

I am so with you on the Claritin D thing. I can only take it in the mornings. If I take it anywhere close to bedtime I am awake all night and then when I do fall asleep it is very restless.

Sarah said...

That photo is cracking me up. That's what math does to my face too. :)

Wife swap totally creeps me out. I've only seen it twice and I can not imagine living with strangers like that. Not my thing.

Hope you get to go to the park. Hugs.