Tuesday, March 20, 2007

another shopping day

Tiff came down for the day. She's on Spring Break. We decided to do a little more scrap shoppin'. I've been getting e-mails from two area stores and wanted to check out the new goodies.

First we had a dee-light-full lunch at Demos. Then we headed across town to Scrap N Memories. I have only been in this store once before, I think. I have to say...I don't think I'll be making the trip again anytime soon. It's just so far! At least 45 minutes away. It's a good store for themed scrappers but I didn't find much that I didn't already have. I only spent around $5. I did find the cutest Jolees Easter stickers that have little chicks. I've always loved chicks. :)

After a quick stop at DQ, we headed all the way out to Scrappucino. It's about 30 minutes North of my house. They have added so many racks that it overwhelmed us a little. We didn't know which way to turn first. I found some new paper I loved but my favorite spot was the new My Mind's Eye rack. Now I am not usually a big fan of MME's distressed stuff like Bohemia. But this new line is incredible. They have sticker strips that are borders and you get four on each strip. They are a bit pricey - $1.99 each but I fell in love!!! I got four! I didn't even get the paper to match because I didn't like it as well as the strips. They also had some large flowers that had velvet on the front. Oh my. Fun. Fun.

Now I am going to make a goal of scrapping at least one page a week because I have bought so much in the last week that I will feel guilty if I don't use some of it soon!

It was a fun day and I topped it off with American Idol which is always good. I'm thinkin' Melinda is blowing everyone away. She's almost TOO good to be on the show. She's on a different level vocally.

So what did you do today and who's your favorite on Idol?


doris sander said...

have you scrapped yet this week? :D

Angelia said...

Yesterday was a really lazy day - didn't accomplish anything. Today I need to clean house or scrap or something! lol Sorry, T, but I'm not a Melinda fan. Her voice is really low and not pleasing to my ear. Maybe with the right songs, but I just don't think so. I much prefer Lekisha, Jordin, or Stephanie. I want Lekisha to win it all! She was a bit nervous/reserved last night. I want to see her having more fun. Maybe it was the $1 MIL in diamonds? lol

Michelle Woods said...

I want to go check out the stores too. After Scrap Etc. I am afraid everything else will just be boring. I am thinking that I am just going to call Scrap Etc my LSS. It is not that bad of a drive :o) But then Sherri did do all the driving.

Anonymous said...

Yay for more new scrappin' goodies! I love those little chicks, too! I'm all about little birdies lately! ;) My favorites on Idol are:

Boys - Chris Richardson, Blake and Chris Sligh

Girls - Melinda, LaKeisha and Jordin

Have a blessed day! :)

Christy B said...

We went to Scrapn' Memories today at lunch .....I spent $44.00. I bought all the "One Heart One Mind" rubons for B-day and Thanks she had, plus some Congrats ones. They are perfect for cards and I LOVE making cards. I'm also doing a wedding book as a commissioned piece and I'm using Stella Ruby BG, at least two patterns and Scrapn' Memories had the stripped I needed and Scrappuccino's has the floral I need. So I bought the striped and cardstock and I'm going to Scrappuccino's Friday to get the Floral. I'm staying at the ScrapHouse Friday-Sunday with Teresa B and friends. So I really need that paper to work on the album.

I like Melinda, Jordin and Blake. I almost have to like Phil Stacy - his cousin works at our gym..... but he's not my favorite.

Have a good rest of the week! I'm off work Thurday - Tuesday .... yea!!!


Hollye said...

Tuesday was a LAZY day for us. We only left the house to run to McD's to grab breakfast! We spent the rest of the day cuddled on the sofa reading various books that K kept bringing to me. It's just so colg here again.

Hollye said...

Oh...and I am so voting for Melinda to win. She is AWESOME.

stephanie said...

I want to go shopping with you!
Love, love, love the birdies.

As for what I have done today:

three loads of long overdue laundry
cleaned the bathroom
started organizing my pp by color, so I can get scrappin' again

I just love preschool mornings.
*wink, wink*