Monday, March 19, 2007


I'm not sure this page is done but I thought I would post it here anyway. I can't decide what else, if anything, to add to it. I like it but it didn't turn out to be what I originally intended it to be. Do you ever have that happen?

By the way, the white border is not there in real life. I wish blogger wouldn't add that. Anyway....the title is from one of my favorite songs by Paul Overstreet. The lyrics say....

You are the calm at the center of my storm.
When the cold winds're the fire that keeps me warm.
When this old world gets me down, I will rest inside your arms.
You are the calm at the center of my storm.

I really wanted to put that on there somewhere but it interfered with my design! Oh well. I know the lyrics and he has heard the song.

I may leave this out on my desk for a while so I can look at him. :)

PS - Fay Copeland - I'm sorry to hear all you've been through lately. I hope you're feeling better. To answer your question - the AL store was exactly 3 hours away and well worth the trip!!


Michelle Woods said...

This turned out GREAT! Love it.

annie said...

This is one of my favorite layouts you have made!
Love it!
Think I will borrow that song for a layout.
SCC is one of our favorites.

Anonymous said...

Such a beautiful layout. You have a great style and I always enjoy when you share your creations with us. Have a blessed day!

Anonymous said...

i love your layout. it looks fine just the way it is. i am doing much better and am going back to work next friday. i really don't want to as after i started to feel better i have been having so much fun at home. i am going to creative escape in phoenix, arizona in sept. this is with bazzil and heidi swapp. i am going by myself but i already have 3 roommates. i hope each day brings you better health. fay

stephanie said...

I'd leave in on my desk, too. :)

How about using a hidden tab for the lyrics or something like that?

I do like it as is, though.

Amanda said...

cute layout!
hope you are feeling all better.
think i read that you had some toothie problems. i am not one to say...oh you have a story i have one better...but i have been with you on the toothie problem...mine was/is tmj...very painful. i can take pain almost anywhere but my mouth!
i miss u!