Sunday, March 11, 2007


I'm so excited today. I'm still in pain with my tooth but I'm so excited.

The magazine finally came out with the picture I took of my Associate Pastor, Wess Morgan.

I didn't get to go to church today but he sent me a copy with Mike.

The article is awesome and the picture actually looks better than I thought it would. I love how they cropped it.

I think I officially love photography more than scrapbooking.

The magazine is called New Man. If you see it in a store, check it out!

ETA: Okay - here's the second page, I am only going to keep it up here for a day or two, in case they would mind. I'm sure they would! It's not a free mag.
Here it is...


Michelle Woods said...

The article left me hanging. Two years into his marrage..... what??? Great picture!!!!

TracieClaiborne said...

LOL! I don't want to post the entire article but I'll bring you the original. :)

Hollye said... can't leave us hanging like that! I want to read the rest of the article!!!

Anonymous said...

That photo ROCKS, girl! Congrats! Very cool! Hope you are feeling better!!!

TracieClaiborne said...

Sorry - I added the second page!!! I was afraid I'd get in trouble! I'll leave it up for a day or two. It's a great story but it's even better if you know him in person. It's hard to imagine him on drugs. He's so full of God and anointed. Especially when he sings. It gives you chills. The "holy willies" as I say. LOL!

Michelle Woods said...

Thank you Tracie!

Tammy Batson said...

great pic! don't you love seeing life through a lens?

Hollye said...

Thanks Tracie. This really hit home for me because of everything with my mom. She put herself and my family through so much. I am just glad that Brian and I were able to help her start over.

Beautiful photo.