Friday, March 09, 2007

if it's not one thing...

it's another.

Yesterday my tooth started hurting.

I writhed in pain all night.

Today I am told by the dentist that a tooth with a root canal split and is now abscessed.

It needs to be pulled but they can't do it until Monday because I have to be off my blood thinners for 3 days.

People - this is the worst pain.

Worse than surgery, chest wall pain, costochondritis, blood clots, back pain. All of the things I have been through combined aren't this bad. I'm on antiobiotics and hydrocodone but it's not helping much.

I must be getting ready to do something good for God because Satan is attacking me.

I'm starting to feel like Job.

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Tammy Batson said...

Tracy ... PLEASE do everything they tell you to do ... especially DON'T drink any carbinated drinks and DON'T use a straw for at least a week after they pull it... you talk about pain now ... if you get a dry socket afterwards you will feel like you are dying! Would rather have 10 c-sections than have to go through that again! Do exactly what they tell you to prevent this from happening. I'll be praying for you!